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    Eden Mack: District IV

    About Eden Mack

    Director Mack represents District IV, which includes Northwest and central Seattle, including Magnolia, Queen Anne and southern neighborhoods in Ballard. She was elected to a four-year term in the November 2017 general election.

    Born in Seattle and a product of public schools herself, Eden is deeply committed to public education. Eden first became immersed in Seattle Public Schools’ issues when her daughter started in first grade and the 2013 Growth Boundaries decisions were being made.

    With a strong desire to work to find win-win solutions for every student, she stepped up to serve as Legislative Chair of Seattle Council of Parent, Teacher and Student Associations (SCPTSA), working to support the 80+ PTAs in SCPTSA advocacy and legislative priorities.

    In light of the state’s continued failure to provide our schools with sufficient funding for basic education and our school capacity crisis, she co-authored and served as Issue Lead for the Washington State PTA’s 2015-16 top two legislative priorities: “Fully Funding McCleary” and “Increasing Capital Funding.” In 2015 she co-founded and served as founding President of Washington's Paramount Duty, a grassroots organization dedicated to pressuring the state to amply fund basic education as required by our state’s constitution.

    Eden lives in District IV with her husband and their three elementary-aged children who all attend Seattle Public Schools. Mack is a returned Peace Corps volunteer, and holds a BA from Western Washington University and a Master’s in Public Administration degree from the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Policy.

    She has also served as the Youth, Schools and Education Committee chair for Seattle City Neighborhood Council, as a Crosscut Civic Ambassador, and the Seattle Public School Capacity Management Task Force. Eden was also recognized as a Superhero by ParentMap in 2016 for her education advocacy.

    Eden Mack photo

    Eden Mack

    School Board Director


    Please be aware that written communications sent to Board Directors, including emails sent to this email address, are potentially subject to public disclosure, in whole or in part, pursuant to the Washington Public Records Act, RCW 42.56.


    • Operations Committee
    • BEX & BTA Capital Programs Oversight Committee Liaison
    • Capacity, Enrollment and Facility Master Planning Advisory Committee Liaison

    Schools Represented

    District 4 Map

    • Adams Elementary
    • Ballard High School
    • C. Blaine K-8
    • Cascade Parent Partnership Program
    • The Center School
    • Coe Elementary
    • John Hay Elementary
    • Lawton Elementary
    • Magnolia Elementary
    • McClure Middle School
    • Queen Anne Elementary
    • Salmon Bay K-8
    • West Woodland Elementary