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    Strategic Plan Priority: Predictable and Consistent Operational Systems

    Dark blue gears iconDevelop operational systems that provide a predictable and consistent experience to meet the needs of students and families and allow them to focus on learning.

    We will manage district operational functions (non-academic/non-instructional; e.g., transportation, nutrition services, student assignment) in a culturally responsive, service-oriented, and cost-effective manner. We will ensure operational teams plan, establish, communicate, and consistently meet high service levels that provide school leaders, students, and families the information and daily experience that allows them to experience a safe and productive day of learning.


    Goal Operational functions will identify main customers and increase satisfaction

    Measures Used to Evaluate Success

    • Department customer satisfaction surveys
    • Timely response feedback

    Goal Operational functions will improve communication to school leaders, families, and students

    Measures Used to Evaluate Success

    • School leader, family, and student awareness surveys

    Goal Operational functions will improve overall performance in support of student learning

    Measures Used to Evaluate Success

    • Overall service quality level informed by performance indicators unique to each individual operational function