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    Students will Feel Safe and Welcome in School

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    2019-20 Focus Goal

    A 2019-20 Focus Goal for High-Quality Instruction and Learning Experiences

    Students thrive in healthy, safe, engaging, supported, and challenging environments in which they can to learn to their full potential. Instruction must be high-quality, culturally responsive, focused, and aligned to standards for students to develop as independent learners.

    Student voice should be evident, and students must be seen and celebrated for their authentic selves. Significant increases in academic outcomes for students furthest from educational justice are possible when social, cultural, emotional, and behavioral needs of students are met by educators that share an unconditional belief in the potential of every student they serve.

    Measures Used to Evaluate Success

    • School staff smile and welcome a student into the school hallwayStudent culture and climate surveys
    • Student attendance rates
    • Disciplinary actions
    • Equitable and representative access to services


    Foster Positive and Inclusive School Culture by Shifting Adult Beliefs and Practices

    • Provide training and professional development for educators, leaders, and staff to address implicit bias and challenge systemic racism.
    • Provide onsite coaching and consultation for schools, guidance on the use of restorative practices, and direct support to racial equity teams in schools.

    Provide School-Wide Expectations and Structures in Support of the Whole Child

    • School-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS)
    • MTSS guidance, tools, resources, coaching
    • Development of Social Emotional Learning framework
    • Provide whole child supports to students through care coordination, school-based health clinics, and mental health supports

    Interrupt Disproportionate Practices in Discipline, Referral to Special Education, and Access to Advanced Learning

    • Analysis of racial inequities in discipline and access to services
    • Shift to preventative discipline and restorative practices and procedures
    • Apply a racial equity lens to existing policies and practices


    Authentically engage with students, families, and the community so that each school becomes an inclusive, positive place where students thrive, and families are welcomed. While engagement is occurring through work with students and families, a formalized engagement plan for this goal is in process and will build on the extensive accomplishments of committees such as the Equity and Race Advisory Committee, the African American Males Advisory Committee, and the Partnership Committee.

    Our Plan in Action

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