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    Educators will Improve Their Culturally Responsive Practice

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    2019-20 Focus Goal

    A 2019-20 Focus Goal for Culturally Responsive Workforce

    Every student at Seattle Public Schools should feel safe, valued, and ready to learn. Through training, SPS school-based staff will gain skills to make learning more culturally relevant and recognize and celebrate the unique gifts of each student. This culturally responsive practice helps reduce gaps in opportunity for students and creates a warm, welcoming environment for students, families, and staff.

    Measures of Success

    • Cultural responsiveness training completion
    • Foundational Coursework training completion
    • School-based staff working condition surveys
    • Student and family culture and climate surveys
    • Student perception surveys of culturally responsive teaching they experience
    • Equitable access to services (i.e., special education, English language learners, and highly capable)
    Teachers gather around a table and talk during a professional development session.


    • Culturally Responsive Practice: Specific trainings for teachers and school-based staff to become culturally responsive practitioners.
    • Building Leadership Teams (BLT): School-based teams comprised of teachers, support staff, families, and school leaders working collaboratively to make decisions about school-based functions. New training will be developed that focuses on culturally responsive decision-making specifically related to budgeting, professional development, and Continuous School Improvement Plans (CSIP).
    • Teacher Leadership Cadre: Teacher leaders are identified at each building to support coaching, mentoring, and professional development. This program enables teachers to lead in their schools and across the district while continuing their roles in the classroom.


    June 2019 Meeting: Reviewed draft work plan

    September 2019 Meeting: Evaluated outreach plan to share work with community stakeholders

    October 2019 Meeting: Discussed goal measures and initiatives

    Ongoing: Work group meets monthly

    Our Plan in Action

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