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    Juneau's Journal Sept 21 2018
    Posted on 09/21/2018
    Superintendent talks with students at a table

    Superintendent's Student Advisory Board

    I am excited to share with you that applications are now open for my new Student Advisory Board. The Superintendent's Student Advisory Board will be formed of student representatives from each high school and will provide me and the district with unique perspectives, reflective of the district's diversity. It is my hope that this group of scholars will help to ensure all students graduate from Seattle Public Schools ready for college, career, and community.

    In my previous role as State Superintendent of Montana, I started the first-ever Superintendent's Student Advisory Board as part of Graduation Matters Montana, a state-wide initiative to make sure more Montana students were graduating from high school prepared to succeed in the rest of their lives. 40 high school students across 30 schools came together to create the change that they wanted to see, contributing to increased graduation rates for all students state-wide.

    With my new Student Advisory Board, I will look to youth to share their wisdom, speak their truths, and inform key decision making in Seattle Public Schools. To reflect the wide range of perspectives in Seattle Public Schools, I encourage the nominations of young people who are passionate about advocating for their community; school, neighborhood, affiliate group, etc.

    The Student Advisory Board will explore a wide range of issues and topics framed around Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity (Policy 0030), including welcoming school environments and equitable access to a high-quality curriculum and support for every student. I look forward to working alongside the most important stakeholders in public education - our students; helping to build a longer table, not a higher wall.

    Learn more about the Student Advisory Board.

    Additionally, I hope you'll join me Monday evening, Sept. 24, at North Seattle College at my next Town Hall meeting, hosted in partnership with the college. For a full list of meetings, including language specific opportunities, visit the Listening and Learning Session webpage.

    Corny joke of the week: How do poets say hello? "Hey, haven't we metaphor?"