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    Juneau's Journal Nov. 9
    Posted on 11/09/2018
    Leonard Young sits at his desk and smiles for a photo.

    Thank You for Your Service

    Sunday, Nov. 11 is Veterans Day and I would like to honor and thank the veterans and current military service members in our community and on our staff. I am awed by their sacrifices, and deeply grateful for their decisions to serve.

    Staff Spotlight: Leonard Young

    Leonard Young is a hidden gem in Seattle Public Schools. A Vietnam veteran, he has worked in the Accounting Department since 1993. After serving in the Air Force as a clerk typist, he left his home in New Orleans in search of new opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.

    Mr. Young has worked in accounts payable for 25 years, responsible for supporting over 10,000 district employees. Before the John Stanford Center was SPS’ main administrative building, he came to work each day at the former headquarters in the Queen Anne area. He’ll tell you, “If you find a job you like, you’ll never work a day in your life. And I like my job.” He enjoys that teachers can call him if they need a kind ear, a pleasant chat, or a good laugh in their day.

    Mr. Young’s grandfather, father, and uncles all served in WWII, so naturally he has a penchant for military history. In his spare time, he’s reading about the 761st Tank Battalion, the first African American tank battalion to see combat in the Second World War.

    If you happen to be at the John Stanford Center, you can find Mr. Young on the third floor, where he’ll be more than happy to share with you his published poem "An American Soldier."

    An American Solder, by Leonard Young

    When I returned from the Civil War and World War I,
    I was a Colored American Soldier.

    When I returned from World War II and Korea,
    I was a Negro American Soldier.

    When I returned from Vietnam and the Gulf War,
    I was an African American Soldier.

    I wonder how many wars I will have to return from
    before I become an American soldier.

    We are proud to have Leonard Young, an American soldier, working and serving in the district.

    Many of us have family and/or friends who have served or are serving our country in some way. My grandfather was a decorated veteran. His commitment to community and service inspired my own public service and commitment to public education, Seattle Public Schools, and serving all students.

    I would like to send a wholehearted thank you to all veterans in our Seattle Public Schools family and community, especially those who are parents, guardians, mentors, role models, and educators for our students. Seattle Public Schools is proud of its veterans and we thank you for your service.

    Corny joke of the week: Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs.