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    Juneau Journal March 29
    Posted on 03/29/2019

    2019-24 Strategic Plan Approved: Just the Beginning

    At the March 27 School Board meeting, Directors unanimously voted to approve the new Strategic Plan, setting the district’s course for the next five years. This Strategic Plan is a courageous statement to our community, our families, and our students. The plan reflects what I heard from our community and our shared commitment to racial equity and justice.

    Unlike prior plans though, this one embodies "strategic." We have gone from a thirty-page list of commitments, to a six-page document focused on four powerful priorities. While our ongoing work to provide excellence to all of our students will continue, this plan has clarity about how we will ensure success for students and families we have historically underserved.

    The district’s universal goal and commitment is that every Seattle Public Schools’ student receives a high-quality, world-class education and graduates prepared for college, career, and community. I also recognize to achieve this universal goal; targeted and differentiated efforts are required to meet the needs of specific student populations. By focusing on students of color who are currently furthest from educational justice, especially African American males, we will make the greatest progress toward our collective vision. And in doing so, we will improve the learning conditions and outcomes for all students. Thank you to our community for your feedback and to those who served on the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and put forth such a strong written vision for our district. I look forward to continuing this work with all of you to achieve our community’s vision.

    Superintendent Juneau with Dr. Carter and Dr. SmithI also want to recognize that great work is already happening in this space. I recently met with Dr. Carter and Dr. Smith of the Breakfast Group to learn more about Project M.I.S.T.E.R. The program serves Franklin, Garfield, Rainier Beach, Cleveland, and South Lake high schools and pairs students with adult mentors who provide guidance and opportunities for success in the community.

    Kingmakers of Seattle is an additional innovative program that is committed to improving outcomes for black boys and young men by providing mentorship and identity development during the school day at Aki Kurose Middle, Asa Mercer Middle, Denny Middle, and Interagency. Modeled after Oakland Unified School District's Kingmakers of Oakland, the program is a partnership between city of Seattle, Kingmakers of Oakland, and Casey Family Programs and just hosted its 2nd annual MANup conference this past Saturday.

    In partnership,

    Denise Juneau

    Corny joke of the week: The best angle from which to approach any problem is the TRYangle.