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    Juneau's Journal April 26
    Posted on 04/26/2019

    Appreciation for Volunteers

    This week, schools across the district celebrated their volunteers during Public School Volunteer Week. There are about 25,000 people who volunteer in our 102 schools across the district each year, minute after minute, hour after hour. I want to express my appreciation for every member of our community who supports our students and educators by donating their time and talents in and out of classrooms.

    We know from research and experience that when communities partner to support students, we see better outcomes for our young people; growth in grades, increased attendance, and higher graduation rates. We also see how dedicated volunteers support fostering welcoming and inclusive school environments.

    It’s never too late to get involved! I encourage you to contact your neighborhood school's office to find out how to share your talents before the school year is up. You can use our new online volunteer application to be cleared to volunteer for two years and be ready for that first volunteer opportunity next September.

    Thank you for making our school communities stronger!

    Dearborn Park International Elementary School

    Superintendent Juneau with studentsFifth graders Salah and Angela gave me an extensive tour around language immersion school, Dearborn Park International. While on my visit, students in both the Mandarin and Spanish programs shared experiences in respective languages.

    Walking the halls, I noticed unique job openings for students for roles like "Morning Announcement Reader," "Safety Patrol," "Inspirer through Quotes." Students can fill out applications for roles by sharing their strengths and why they might be a good fit. It was a treat to see the many ways our scholars are being engaged and empowered by their learning.

    Interagency Academy

    Superintendent Juneau with studentsI was so inspired by my visit to Interagency. Within the first few minutes the Kings of Kingmakers shared their "Man Up" pledge. "I stay woke. I am a conscious brother. We are conscious brothers." These are just a handful of the powerful self-affirmations that are recited daily by the Kings.

    At Interagency, students are learning about resilience, creating the school community they want to see, and leading in restorative circle work. With such a strong sense of partnership and values driven strategies for ensuring success, the high school is creating the right conditions to meet the needs of students and families.

    Denise Juneau

    Corny jokes of the week: What do you call an angry carrot? A steamed veggie!