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    Juneau's Journal December 6
    Posted on 12/06/2019
    Superintendent reads a book to young elementary school students in a school auditorium

    Welcoming Students into our SPS Family


    This time of year is often spent with family and loved ones. Last week, I spent valuable time with my friends and family in Montana, and I hope you also had a relaxing time with your loved ones over the break.

    As we approach the end of 2019, we are starting the process of welcoming new members into our SPS family. We are excited to support our newest and youngest learners as they start classes next fall. But, the first step on their educational journey in Seattle Public Schools is just around the corner.

    Enrollment for new students starts Jan. 6. If your child will be five by August 31, 2020 or is new to the district, it’s time to enroll them for the 2020-21 school year.

    By enrolling early, your kindergarten student has access to resources including Jump Start, the district’s week-long summer transition program. One of my favorite moments from this school year was visiting Jump Start classrooms as kindergartners learned what it meant to be a SPS student for the first time. These young scholars were excited to learn and thanks to Jump Start, were better prepared to start kindergarten in a comfortable and friendly way.

    By enrolling early, new students can also take advantage of Open Enrollment and the School Choice Process. I am proud of our district’s award-winning neighborhood schools and our option schools, which offer unique programs and curriculum. There is truly a perfect school for everyone in SPS.

    each student is assigned to an attendance-area school based on where they live, new and current students can request to attend a different neighborhood or option school from February 3 to May 31. But only School Choice forms submitted during the Open Enrollment period from Feb. 3-14 will receive priority.

    To learn more about New Student Enrollment, Open Enrollment, and the School Choice Process including priorities, tiebreakers, and waitlists, please visit the enrollment page.

    Learn More About Enrollment.

    Building Community at South Shore PreK-8

    Walking through the doors at South Shore PreK-8 this week, I immediately felt a strong sense of community. Students, staff, and teachers told me again and again that South Shore felt like home.

    Two students read a book togetherSouth Shore is a great example of what our five-year strategic plan, Seattle Excellence, can look like in practice. Students in an extra-curricular class run in partnership with the Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE), a non-profit aimed at preparing young men for individual excellence, ended class with the mantra “Who am I? I am Excellence.”

    From kindergarten to third grade classes, Seattle Super Readers were committed to mastering reading superpowers. In one second grade class, students practiced vocabulary using Flocabulary – a library of educational raps and songs to help students engage with the words.

    and staff at South Shore help create a safe, welcoming and culturally responsive environment for students to thrive. Principal Hendrickson and teachers shared with me that many of the staff live in the community, with some having attended South Shore as students. And, 60 percent of the school’s elementary teachers are educators of color, promoting a dynamic, inclusive learning environment that reflects the diversity of the student population.

    Read more about the district’s five-year strategic plan, Seattle Excellence.

    I left South Shore feeling inspired and hopeful about the work we can accomplish across the district to realize educational justice for all our students.

    Denise Juneau

    Corny joke of the week: Why don’t mountains get cold in the winter? They wear snow caps.