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    Summer Books for Seattle Super Readers
    Posted on 06/17/2021
    A teacher hands a bag of books to a student

    Summer Books for Seattle Super Readers

    Attention, Seattle Super Readers! As we enter the summer, don't forget the importance of reading every day. Reading at least 20 minutes each day can help build your reading superpowers, and the summertime is perfect for reading whatever you would like — books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, comic books, audio books — it all counts!


    Books for Students

    Once again, Seattle Public Schools is helping students get access to books for the summer.

    This week, in partnership with Page Ahead, over 10,000 students at 24 schools across the district, including our schools with the highest percentage of African American and Black boys, received a total of 70,000 books for summer reading. Students in grades K-2 received 12 books each and students in grades 3-5 received 6 books each.

    In collaboration with Follett, online book fairs were set up for 24 schools and students and families were able to choose which books they would like to receive.

    Page Ahead provided families, educators, and students with information on how to use the online book fair and tips for picking out books that interested our young readers. Students and families are then able to pick up their books prior to the summer break.

    Thank you to our partners at Page Ahead, the Satterberg Literacy Initiative, and Follett for providing access to thousands of books for our young scholars.

    Summer Meal Site Books

    Students can pick up books at one of our summer meal sites starting in early July!

    Simply visit a meal site, pick out a book, and take it home to read. Once you're done, you can keep it for the summer and just return it to your school library when you return to school in the fall. How easy is that? Books will be available for all ages of students, from kindergarten to grade 12.

    School and Local Library Resources

    Some school libraries across the district will also be open for students to visit during the summer. Our amazing librarians will have book recommendations and can help your student find the perfect book for summer reading. To see which libraries will be open this summer and to find a list of books recommended by SPS librarians, visit the SPS Library Services page.

    You can also use your SPS student ID to access thousands of books with Library Link through Seattle Public Library. Check out the Seattle Public Library summer learning resources.

    Summer Super Reading Tips for Students and Families

    • Read by yourself! Find a cozy place to read in your home, build a reading area, or read safely outside in the sun.
    • Read with someone! Read with a parent, sibling, a stuffed animal, or a family member far away on the phone. You can also share stories and sing songs together.
    • Everyone reads! Everyone in your home grabs a book and reads.
    • Read for a lot of different reasons! Read a recipe and make something delicious together with someone in your home, read the news or a magazine, read books in another language you know, read a comic book or graphic novel, read articles on the web, or listen to an audio book.
    • Storytelling! Ask someone in your family to share a story about a family photo or family history or practice telling your favorite story.
    • Talk about your reading! What was the book about? What was your favorite part? What interesting or important thing did you learn? Do you have a connection to this book? Who is the main character? What was the books setting?

    A special thank you to our SUPER Seattle Public Schools warehouse staff for delivering thousands of books to our schools and meal sites. They delivered over 12,000 pounds of books and prioritized getting books to our youngest readers in time for summer. You’re our summer reading superheroes!

    Keep on reading, Seattle Super Readers! Learn more about our Seattle Excellence Third Grade Reading goal.