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    In Support of Student Civic Engagement
    Posted on 09/19/2019
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    In Support of Student Civic Engagement

    Seattle Public Schools supports students' right to express their views in a peaceful manner, including their constitutional right to peacefully protest. This student right is formally acknowledged in board policy. Protection and respect for student First Amendment rights is foundational to our mission of ensuring that each and every student is prepared for college, career and community.

    While we support First Amendment rights, when civic engagement includes missing class (e.g. participation in a walkout), there are standardized consequences. Seattle Public Schools will not attempt to prevent students from protesting or walking out, but we cannot excuse the absence from school.

    An absence from class to participate in something such as a walkout will not meet the criteria of an excused absence as defined by the State of Washington Administrative Code.

    Read the related state administrative codes, statewide-definition for excused and unexcused, and district policy and procedures related to student civic engagement on our Student Civic Engagement and Protest webpage.