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    Meet the Members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board
    Posted on 12/14/2018
    Student advisory board pose for a photo

    Meet the Members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board

    The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board (SAB) consists of high school students who serve as liaisons between the student body and district administration. Representing all schools in the district, SAB members provide student voice, advocate for student interests, and provide valuable feedback to the superintendent and school district.

    Read more about the Student Advisory Board.

    Jasmine Anderson, 10th Grade, Roosevelt High SchoolPhoto of Jasmine Anderson

    Jasmine is excited to discuss the need for diversity in schools. She would like to advocate for every school to host an assembly or day to learn about people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.



    Katie Bishop, 9th Grade, The Center SchoolPhoto of Jasmine Anderson

    Throughout her time with Seattle Public Schools, Katie has remained vocal in advocating for others and is excited to make change and feel heard; represent her school, past schools, and those subsequent communities.



    Ramona Blackbird, 10th Grade, The Center SchoolPhoto of Ramona Blackbird

    Ramona is excited for an opportunity to have an influence at a high level in Seattle Public Schools. She thinks that it is important for youth to have a voice in the education process because of the unique experiences they bring to the table. She wants to start dialogue about gender and sexuality and how the district can work to improve understanding at the school and district level.



    Dylan Blanford, 10th Grade, Garfield High SchoolPhoto of Dylan Blanford

    Dylan is excited to enact change and make Seattle Public Schools more positive for marginalized groups, especially queer students of color. They highlight policy change, training for staff, and more inclusive curriculum being taught in classes about LGBTQ sexual education, the colonization of America, and expansive Black history.



    Jack Brown, 10th Grade, Ingraham High SchoolPhoto of Jack Brown

    Jack’s goal is to leave the entire Seattle Public Schools district better than it would be if he was ever in it. He hopes to eliminate cultural ignorance, citing examples of personal experience with adults’ lack of education about authentic native histories.



    Isabella Crone-Baron, 10th Grade, Ballard High SchoolPhoto of Isabella Crone-Baron

    Isabella is excited to offer student voice to the School Board and Superintendent’s work and to influence training and experiences for students to learn about sexual harassment and how to report it. Working for the past year to encourage youth to vote and use their voice, she is interested to expand that initiative across the district.



    Graham Dyette, 11th Grade, Nova High SchoolPhoto of Graham Byette

    Graham wants to make change and fight for justice and equality within Seattle Public Schools, particularly for those voices that are underrepresented. He hopes to work hand-in-hand with the district to help better the relationships between central office and school level communities.



    Rose Glen, 11th Grade, Chief Sealth International High SchoolPhoto of Rose Glen

    Rose is excited to represent her school and cultural background. She hopes to improve the ways students understand through teachers building relationships and supporting educator training on culturally responsive teaching strategies.



    Talia Glick, 10th Grade, Ingraham High SchoolPhoto of Talia Glick

    Talia wants to support representing marginalized student voices and make sure students have voices. She is interested in working on diversity, particularly in representation in advanced programs. Additionally, she hopes to see more accessibility options for students in accessing no-cost menstrual hygiene in schools.



    Theodoric Greenleaf, 11th Grade, West Seattle High SchoolPhoto of Theodoric Greenleaf

    Theodoric hopes to improve his community in expanding education and training for students and staff around such topics as LGBTQ history and race relations. He is also hoping to improve the communication systems between students, school, and district staff.



    Alex Landwehr, 10th Grade, Non-Public AgenciesPhoto of Alex Landwehr

    Alex wants to make a difference in enhancing special education services for students. He believes that a lot of students aren’t receiving the services they need and has had firsthand experience in navigating challenges.



    Roman Magana, 9th Grade, Chief Sealth International High SchoolPhoto of Roman Magana

    Roman is excited to work alongside Board members to support the needs of his peers. He hopes to bring his perspective to the table while dually taking into consideration the needs of students across grade levels and from differing backgrounds. Roman feels that the insight of teenagers is integral to the school environment because students are just as brilliant if not, more so, than adults, and could make great change for all schools.



    Zoe McGough, 11th, Grade, Franklin High SchoolPhoto of Zoe McGough

    Zoe is grateful to be part of the Superintendent Student Advisory Board this year. She is excited to connect with other ambitious and inspired student leaders and is looking forward to all the change that will happen to improve equity in Seattle Public Schools.



    Surayah Mohamed, 11th Grade, South Lake High SchoolPhoto of Surayah Mohamed

    Surayah wants to improve the hiring process to hire a more diversified staff and effective staff with knowledge on how to engage students and/or treat students with respect. She wants to be a voice of ideas that improve our school district and has experience advocating for her peers.



    Sarah Perez, 9th Grade, Cleveland International High SchoolPhoto of Sarah Perez

    Sarah is ready to make a change in the Seattle Public Schools community by raising her voice alongside her peers so that everyone’s voice is represented in decision making. She is particularly interested in improving lunch food, as she notices many peers not eating school lunches, and she recognizes the importance of nutrition in the educational experience.



    Ari Phillips, 11th Grade, Middle College at NorthgatePhoto of Ari Phillips

    Ari is inspired to lead in educating staff about student’s emotional disabilities that may affect their learning. She hopes to give teachers training around the affects that anxiety and depression can have on kids of all ages.



    Dupree Pickett, 11th Grade, InteragencyPhoto of Dupree Pickett

    Dupree’s goal for his time on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board is to ensure that students feel more comfortable within their educational experiences. He hopes to shed light on those students who don’t find their fit at traditional school environments and is glad to have an opportunity to share his voice and speak on important issues.



    Nashara Pressley, 11th Grade, South Lake High SchoolPhoto of Nashara Pressley

    Nashara would like to advocate for additional teachers, electives, foreign language classes, and better lunches for her school community. She feels that is important to involve student voice in decision making, as it would increase buy-in amongst her peers and enhance relationships.



    Angelina Riley, 10th Grade, Rainier Beach High SchoolPhoto of Angelina Riley

    Angelina is ready to see change in this city and throughout the district. She is thrilled to be a part of making schools more equitable and safer. She hopes to communicate with all stakeholders in making sure everyone’s voice is heard communicating across the district.



    Ava Rogers, 11th Grade, Nova High SchoolPhoto of Ava Rogers

    Ava is on the Board to be an advocate for her school, an alternative community with a large queer population. She recognizes the importance of distribution of resources as an important part of the work, and would like to influence the equitable distribution of teachers across the district with regard to enrollment shifts.



    Aneesa Roidad, 11th Grade, Ballard High SchoolPhoto of Aneesa Roidad

    Aneesa is proud to be a part of a coalition of students from across the district in dealing with district-wide issues. She would like to influence an equitable implementation of the dress code, restorative justice practices, and mandatory ethnic studies district-wide. She has a feeling that the Board is going to do something amazing in their work together.



    Arianne Rosario, 9th Grade, Rainier Beach High SchoolPhoto of Arianna Rosario

    Arianne is excited to represent Rainier Beach and share her perspective. In her work on the Board, she hopes to hear from and raise up the voices of students who are often the most quiet in the school community, who are often not heard.



    Azure Savage, 11th Grade, Garfield High SchoolPhoto of Azure Savage

    Azure aims to create equitable opportunities for success for all students and make sure that no one is left out. She thinks that having accountable relationships in the school system gives power to those who often have their power taken and hopes to change the way the system is working to allow it to serve students fully.



    Fran Shannon, 11th Grade, Nathan Hale High SchoolPhoto of Shannon

    Fran is thrilled to work alongside and learn from her peers on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board. She is looking forward to creating change within the schools and making things better – specifically more educational equity in each school and among the schools.



    Sam Sheynkman, 11th Grade, Roosevelt High SchoolPhoto of Sam Sheynkman

    Sam hopes to influence the dress code and has had firsthand experience with advocate work for friends. He is looking forward to having influence and improving relationships between administration and students because he notices gaps in communication and practice.



    Sabrina Slye, 9th Grade, West Seattle High SchoolPhoto of Sabrina Slye

    Sabrina is excited to influence adults’ understanding of the wide range of students’ learning styles. She is sure that the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board will show the perspective of students and encourage those in power to incorporate student voice in future decisions.



    Iliana Soto, 11th Grade, Seattle World SchoolPhoto of Iliana Soto

    Iliana thinks it’s really cool they’ve started doing this because it reflects the thinking that student voice is integral to the district’s work. She is interested in bringing more people together, collaborating with students across cultural and ethnic backgrounds.



    Rianna Thompson, 11th Grade, Nathan Hale High SchoolPhoto of Rianna Thompson

    Rianna is a proud native and hopes to work to lift up the native community. She is also passionate about advocating for students with various learning disabilities.



    Rena Mateja Walker Burr, 9th Grade, Cleveland High SchoolPhoto of Rena Mateja Walker Burr

    Rena believes the true root cause of the opportunity gap and why students do not feel comfortable showing up for who they truly are is due to racism and bigotry. She is excited to be a part of solutions, working as a team and helping others to recognize their gifts.



    Myhanh Wong, 11th Grade, Franklin High SchoolPhoto of Myhanh Wong

    Myhanh finds one of the highlights of joining the council to be the cultivation of relationships with students from across the district, coming together to work for the betterment of Seattle Public Schools. She would like to see equal distribution of wealth throughout the school system.