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    Lift Up Your Voices: Four Elementary Schools Participate in Choir Festival
    Posted on 04/23/2019
    Students participate in a school choir performance

    Lift Up Your Voices: Four Elementary Schools Participate in Choir Festival

    Arts expression throughout our district is flourishing. Talented students from elementary to high school are showing their talents through the visual and performing arts. One example of our students displaying excellence in the arts was at the Elementary Music Festival held on April 5, 2019. Emerson, Gatewood, Martin Luther King, and Van Asselt Elementary students gathered together at the Martin Luther King Fame Center to perform multiple songs as a choir. Each school’s choir performed a series of songs on stage in front of peers, supportive family members and school staff.

    Students participate in a choir performance After each school performance, Darcy Morrissey, choir clinician came up on stage and provided constructive feedback to students by complimenting them on their technique, stage performance, and unity as a choir. She led mini workshops with each school after their performance and guided students through vocal exercises.

    After Emerson Elementary performed a Japanese folk song called “Fireflies,” she used the analogy of chickens and teradactyls to describe how one’s voice can demonstrate timbre and volume.

    As each school performed, students in the audience either sang along or moved to the beat of the music. A crowd favorite was “This is Me,” from the movie “The Greatest Showman.” Emerson Elementary performed the song using their talented voices, and Gatewood Elementary paired the song with dance movements.

    Van Asselt Elementary sang “The Earth is Our Mother,” a Native American tribal song to the steady beat of drums. The song was a reminder to everyone in the room to care for our environment. The students closed out their section by singing “The Van Asselt Way,” the school song.

    Amira, 3rd grade student at Martin Luther King Elementary expressed excitement at being able to join in chorus with different schools. “It was so nice to share our voices and see that we’re all good singers.” Calyna, 3rd grade student at MLK Elementary said, “This is a great opportunity for us to put our voices together. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!”

    The choir festival highlighted student achievement in music and the unity of a community of schools. For some students, the experience has prompted them to think about the long term and how to infuse their love for singing into their plans. Calyna wants to continue singing into the future. “We can carry our voices to middle school, high school, and college.”

    In addition to this talented gathering of elementary students participating in a choir, there is another celebration of students’ excellence in the arts. The 2019 Naramore Art Show is on ongoing until Mary 26, 2019 at the Seattle Art Museum’s Community Corridor. Come and join us as we celebrate the achievements of our students!