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    Seattle School Board Appoints Erin Dury District IV Director
    Posted on 03/24/2021
    Erin Dury

    Seattle School Board Appoints Erin Dury District IV Director

    The Board of Directors for Seattle Public Schools voted on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 to appoint Erin Dury as the District IV Director representing Central and Northwest Seattle including Magnolia, Queen Anne, and southern neighborhoods in Ballard. The District IV seat became vacant after the resignation of Eden Mack.

    Director Dury was immediately sworn in following the unanimous vote.

    “I am honored and grateful to serve District IV and Seattle Public Schools. I recognize the privilege and position of power this appointment has and know that true service will be shown through action. I look forward to working with the community, particularly those who are most impacted by the decisions of the Board and District. We have an opportunity to reimagine education and access. I am ready to do the work to see a new vision and am here in service,” stated Director Dury.

    School Board President Chandra Hampson stated prior to the final vote, “I am so grateful to each and every person who put themselves forward to be considered for the District IV School Director position. Whether they stayed through today or made a different decision and removed themselves from running, their candidacy was important and we owe them our gratitude.”

    “What a difficult time to choose to be of service. No one currently on the Board chose to lead during a pandemic and it speaks volumes of the dedication and character of each of our candidates,” President Hampson continued.

    In response to Director Dury’s appointment, President Hampson shared, “I welcome Erin with an open heart and feel confident she will embrace our mission and commitments toward better and brighter outcomes for students. She brings critical experience in change management, budgeting, and supporting children and communities at the margin through her various leadership roles, including CASA.”

    After being sworn in, Director Dury joined her new colleagues as the board continued its regularly scheduled meeting.

    Director Dury was one of three finalists for the position who were voted on by the sitting board. The finalists Director Dury, Laura Marie Rivera, and Eric Souza were among the six initial candidates who submitted applications for the post by the Jan. 29, 2021 deadline. Per state law (RCW 28A.343.370), because the vacancy occurred outside the regular election cycle, the current board appointed Director Dury to serve for the remainder of the term. Director Dury may choose to run for the position in the November 2021 election cycle.

    To learn more about Director Erin Dury, please visit her candidate webpage.

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