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    Sand Point Squirrels Rock Out!
    Posted on 01/10/2019
    Students on the Sand Point stage singing.

    Sand Point Squirrels Rock Out!

    Lights were dimmed, red and yellow spotlights were centered on the performers, and families and students waited in anticipation. When the emcee introduced the band, families and friends erupted in applause as the performers took the stage.

    Any hint of nervousness dissipated when the students saw familiar faces in the crowd. They adjusted the microphones, secured the straps to their guitars, positioned the drums in the appropriate place, and as soon as they got their cue to play; the students began to perform in sync.

    The first band to lead the Rock Concert at Sand Point Elementary was The Mutant Potatoes. They performed, “Should I Stay, or Should I Go.” NuNu, a member of the band played the bass guitar and said she wasn’t as nervous initially, but “I became scared because I messed up the chords on accident, and I was worried I was going to cough by accident.”

    Luca, drums player for the Rock Legends said that the students practiced long hours to make this happen. “I think we practiced 15 hours maybe… we chose to perform the songs we already know.” Luca and his band, Rock Legends, performed “Brain Stew.”

    The rock concert was made possible by a PTA after-school program at the school called “Squirrels Rock!” which is its second year. Bryan Manzo is a counselor at the school, and he leads the program with the support of his colleagues (Mr. Knight, Mr. Jenkins, and Megan Sun McIntosh). The program is scholarship-based for students in need and is open to all interested students.

    “Some of these students, the first time they held an instrument was in October. Some of them have only been doing it for eight weeks,” said Manzo. “Every student should have equal opportunity to the arts, and we wanted to provide a program that is open to everyone. We don’t want kids to not access social music due to costs or transportation. We push kids all the time to join.”

    After the rock concert, Alex, Luca, and NuNu were gathered around a table and were overheard chatting. “I think I made mistakes,” said NuNu. Alex, a guitar player for Squishy Fortnite Potato Bro quickly looked over and gave NuNu a reassuring glance, “NuNu, you were great. I didn’t hear the mistake. I think I made a few.” Luca, drums player for the Rock Legends chimed in. “I think you did great too, NuNu!”

    The student bands that performed at the rock concert are listed below:
    The Mutant Potatoes: “Should I Stay, or Should I go”
    Skool of Rock: “Weatherman”
    Rock Legends: “Brain Stew”
    Squishy Fortnite Potato Bro: “Can’t Stop”

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