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    Priority Standards
    Posted on 09/23/2020

    Priority Learning Standards

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Seattle Public Schools has started the school year in a remote learning model. In a typical year when students are learning in a physical classroom and school building, student learning is aligned to the Washington State Learning Standards. This year, educators across the district, state, and country need to prioritize some of these learning standards to address disruption to instruction in Spring 2020 and the constraints of the remote learning schedule in 2020-21.

    Even during remote instruction, our staff have high expectations for all students, and are committed to providing a high-quality education no matter the circumstances or learning environment. Staff will work to address unfinished learning and tap into students’ strengths to create joyful learning experiences. Content must be strategically prioritized to meet these expectations.

    The SPS Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction team has selected priority standards from the Washington State Learning Standards for each grade-level and course. Below you will find the priority standards that students will be taught throughout the year for each K-5 grade-level and subject area.

    For grades 6-12, the information below focuses on the courses students take at these levels and how they help them meet requirements and engage in high school and beyond planning.


    Explanation of SPS Priority Standards from Seattle Public Schools TV on Vimeo.



    Preschool and Grades K-5 Priority Standards

    Middle and High School Priority Standards