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    June 25 Reopening Update Family Survey and Re-entry FAQ
    Posted on 06/25/2020

    Family Questionnaire to Help Plan for Reopening

    As we plan for the re-opening of school in the fall, we will be asking for family participation.

    On June 25, families will be asked to complete an Intent to Enroll questionnaire to hold a place in their program selection. This information will be critical in helping us finalize plans for next year. We will send a link to an online survey for families we have an updated email address. For those who do not have an email address on record, we will send a phone survey. Please watch the video below for more information about returning to school this fall.

    We will be providing a choice between a model with some in-person learning and some remote/online learning or a 100% online option for families who aren't ready to send their student back to a school building.

    Our goal is to provide the maximum amount of in-person instruction, while continuing to follow public health agency requirements for social distancing. We have a goal of K-5th grade students learning a minimum of two days in-person and middle and high school students learning in-person a minimum of one day a week. Students receiving Special Education services, students experiencing homelessness, English learners, students furthest away from educational justice, K-3 students, will be prioritized for additional in-person instruction or supports.

    SPS will fulfill all public health guidelines for safety while students are together in school. This continues to be an evolving situation, and we will work closely with public health agencies to adhere to the latest updates as the school year begins.

    Students who participate in the 100% remote option will retain their seat at the school they are enrolled in.

    Families will be asked to share their intent to enroll in the 100% remote option or the in-person option so staff can build schedules around how many students will be in school buildings in the fall. We will be staffing one teacher per 12 - 15 students in school buildings, depending on the square footage available to meet social distancing requirements.


    If my child starts the year with the 100% remote learning option, can my child switch to in person instruction later in the year?

    Yes, however it will be at set times to enable the district to make capacity and staffing or other adjustments as needed.

    For in-person instruction via the blended model, how often will my child attend school?

    It is our goal that students in grades K-5 attend school a minimum of twice a week and students in grades 6-12 attend school a minimum of once a week. In-person frequency may change depending on 100% remote numbers, space and staffing.

    In a blended model, who would be going to school?

    It has not yet been decided who would be in each group, but keeping households together on the same schedule will be a priority.

    Is the district considering a longer school day or year in any of these options?

    We are required by the state to have 180 days of school. If there are district closures due to Covid-19, school vacation dates or the last day of school may have to be adjusted.

    If I select remote learning, will I still be enrolled in my current school?

    Yes, you will be enrolled in your current school, though the teachers may be from a different school.

    Does this include Pre-K?

    The survey does not include Pre-K. There will be a separate communication about the plans for Pre-K.

    How do I know if my child is eligible for transportation?

    Because of social distancing requirements, bus capacity may be limited. The district is still working through who transportation will be provided for during the 2020-21 school year. Special Education and students experiencing Homelessness WILL be provided transportation under any scenario.


    Next Steps

    We know the uncertainty for next school year is stressful and there are still a lot of unknowns. Staff and the Seattle School Board are working diligently to provide additional answers and details in collaboration with educators and school leaders over these next few weeks.

    Next steps: On June 30, a detailed Fall Reopening Plan will be presented to the School Board during a public work session. The plan will reflect the values and priorities surfaced during the recent engagement, the model framework outlined above, an analysis of our buildings' physical capacity, and adherence to Public Health guidelines. Meeting agendas are posted at least 24 hours in advance of the school board meeting. Go to the meeting agenda webpage. The link to the online meeting is available in the agenda document.

    Learn More About Fall 2020 Planning

    Read more about the Engagement details, including team membership and charter: Fall Student Reentry Planning webpage for more information.

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