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    Student Email and Meeting Tools for Students
    Posted on 05/26/2020

    Student Email and Meeting Tools for Seattle Public Schools Students

    All Seattle Public Schools students (kindergarten – 12th grade) have been issued student email accounts on May 26, 2020. The student email accounts will be used to support the expanded online meeting tool Microsoft Teams.

    Student Email

    Students now have a student Seattle Public Schools (SPS) email to be used for educational purposes. To make it easier for students and their teacher(s) to communicate, please be sure your student is able to access their new email account.

    Across the United States and in the Puget Sound, district-issued student email accounts are a common practice to support student and teacher communication. Student email has many benefits, including improved student online security and better integration with district educational tools.

    For older students, families can expect that their student will use their SPS email to connect with their teacher to ask questions and/or turn in assignments.

    Seattle Public Schools understands that younger students will need help accessing online tools. Families can anticipate that teachers will continue to prioritize Schoology as their method to reach students. Email for younger students will be helpful for teacher and parent communication.

    Online Meeting Tool

    SPS technology staff launched Teams for students.

    Student Safety and Security

    The student email and Microsoft Teams accounts are essential to help the district to provide safe and secure tools for our students.

    Students will only be able to send and receive email messages to people with Seattle Public Schools email address, such as teachers and other students. SPS email addresses end with "" Students will not be able to send nor receive email from non SPS email addresses, such as Gmail.

    The new student email will eliminate a need for students to create or use personal email accounts (ex: Gmail) to communicate with their teachers. Student Teams accounts will provide secure access to online classroom meetings.

    For parents worried about cyberbullying and similar risks, please read more about cyber bullying on the Common Sense Media website.

    Find set up instructions and how to guides on the student email and meeting tools webpage.

    Steps to Access Student Email

    How students login to their SPS Office 365 account to access email and other Office tools:

    1. Go to the Office 365 login page
      • On the district and school websites, there are several short cuts for Office 365: click the large blue icon called "Student/Families Portals" and the dropdown Student menu click "Office 365"
      • SPS devices have an icon for email on the desktop
    2. Login with your SPS Student Username (ex: and Password
    3. If accessing through the Office 365 site, click Outlook icon

    Steps to Reset Student Passwords

    Check our student username and password webpage for the steps to reset student passwords.