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    The Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness Supports a Successful Fall 2021
    Posted on 06/11/2021

    The Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness Supports a Successful Fall 2021

    Dr. Jones has made clear that the role of the Seattle Public Schools central office will be to support schools and school leaders as we return in-person, full-time next year. We must also sustain key central work and better align strategies in support of the district's strategic plan, Seattle Excellence.

    The newly-formed Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness (SDR) will support these commitments. This new office and the associated team will report directly to Deputy Superintendent Rob Gannon

    Responsibilities of the Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness

    The Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness will work to bring strategic alignment and coherence to district initiatives in support of student outcomes.

    • Providing cross-departmental and district-wide project management and coordination including timelines, deliverables, reporting channels, and ownership.
    • Monitoring deployment of strategies and providing system accountability to students, families, schools, and staff.
    • Developing and supporting a clear escalation path and resolution structure for key issues and decisions.
    • Ensuring alignment and a consistent, coordinated cadence of internal and external communications; and
    • Supporting district-wide knowledge management.

    The first task of the new office is to support a successful Fall 2021.

    Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness Staff

    Carri Campbell, Assistant Deputy Superintendent

    Carri Campbell poses for a photoFor over a decade, Carri Campbell has led district-wide initiatives to better support Seattle Public Schools and make a positive difference in the lives of students and their families. She brings this expertise and commitment to her new role as an assistant deputy superintendent in the Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness.

    Carri previously led the Public Affairs division. With her support, staff implemented new and innovative channels to engage English learner families, passed two significant levies, and in partnership with community leaders implemented robust engagement leading to the district's strategic plan, Seattle Excellence, unapologetically focused on ensuring the success of students who are furthest away from educational justice.

    Collaboration and engagement are foundational to Carri's leadership. As the director of School and Community Partnerships, she led the creation and management of strategic PreK-12 partnerships. In collaboration with community-based organizations, she oversaw the development of a partnership framework, data sharing system, and joint professional development that brought partner and district efforts into alignment. As the chief engagement officer, Carri co-led a community task force and oversaw the development of a shared vision, guidance documents, and accountability structures for improved, culturally responsive family and community engagement. Family satisfaction with district communications and community engagement efforts (as measured by district climate surveys) increased significantly during her tenure — jumping by 15 percentage points in her first year and increasing steadily every year she held the position.

    For seven years, Carri supervised all aspects of the district's visual and performing arts program, including curricula development, professional development, fundraising, and advocacy. In this role, she supervised the development of a multi-year arts plan to increase arts education in SPS. The Creative Advantage, the SPS Arts Plan, is a city-wide initiative aimed at establishing equitable access to arts learning for every Seattle Public Schools student. The Creative Advantage serves as a national model for returning arts learning to public education.

    Prior to Seattle Public Schools, Carri worked as a principal coach, the associate curator of education for Tacoma Art Museum, and a classroom teacher. Carri has a B.A. in education from Western Washington University and an M.Ed. from the University of Washington, Tacoma Campus.

    Dr. Sarah Pritchett, Assistant Deputy Superintendent

    Sarah Pritchett poses for a photo Dr. Sarah Pritchett is a leader in advancing racial equity through principal support and central office transformation. Dr. Pritchett will bring this experience and commitment to her new role as an assistant deputy superintendent in the Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness.

    Dr. Sarah Pritchett is a proud graduate of Seattle Public Schools (Franklin High School) and has served the students and families of Seattle Public Schools since 1993, leaving only briefly to work as an assistant principal in Lake Washington School District. In addition to serving as the director of secondary schools and as the central region director of Seattle Public Schools for the past eight years. Sarah also served as the principal of McClure Middle School, assistant principal of Rose Hill Junior High, house administrator at Mercer Middle School, and as a classroom teacher at Sharples Alternative School. As the principal of McClure Middle School, she was a two-time Washington State School of Distinction award winner, a recognition of substantial student academic growth.

    As a member of the Directors of Schools team, Dr. Pritchett supported principals' instructional leadership to increase student achievement and close opportunity gaps. This included using data to monitor school progress, coordinating professional development, one-on-one coaching, principal evaluations, and conducting frequent learning walks through school buildings to ensure quality instruction.

    Between 2015-19, schools under her supervision decreased discipline rates for African American boys and teens by 32%. In 2019-20, discipline rates for African American students with an Individualized Educational Plan decreased by 28%. At the same time, high schools supported by Dr. Pritchett achieved significant increases in on-time graduation rates for African American males over the past three years. In 2020, Cleveland High School graduated 100% of its Black male scholars.

    Racial justice and equity center Dr. Pritchett's practice. She co-developed a district implicit bias training to address bias in the administrator hiring process and she is currently co-leading a workgroup responsible for district strategies to improve 9th-grade on-time credit-earning and graduation for students of color who are furthest from educational justice.

    Sarah earned a B.A. in psychology at Washington State University, an M.A. in educational administration and administrative certification at Western Washington University, and her Ed.D. in educational leadership and superintendent certification at the University of Washington.

    Audrey Querns, Senior Project Manager

    Audrey Querns poses for a photo Audrey Querns is the senior project manager for the Office of Strategy Deployment and Responsiveness.

    In this role, she is responsible for supporting cross-division teams in planning, organizing, and directing the completion of specific SPS projects identified by the superintendent and deputy superintendent. Audrey has worked at SPS as a consultant, then an employee, since 2012.

    She has primarily worked as the project manager for The Creative Advantage, managing collaboration with City of Seattle partners, school leaders, teachers, teaching artists, and arts administrators to ensure that every student has access to a high-quality and culturally relevant arts education.

    Through that collective effort, The Creative Advantage has expanded to 80 schools, the number of music and art programs has more than doubled, and schools develop their arts plans using a racial equity arts dashboard. Audrey has utilized that collective impact approach in project managing other SPS partner-oriented projects such as vaccinations for educators and students and planning for long-term partnerships with Seattle Housing Authority and Seattle Public Library.

    Prior to SPS, Audrey worked at Crux Consulting and Amazon in project management and customer service roles. She earned her B.A. in political science and East Asian language and literature from Indiana University and her M.A. in Japan studies from the University of Washington. She is excited to help cultivate a project management culture that focuses on deeply aligning the building blocks of student growth and excellence.