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    New Board Officers Elected for 2020-21
    Posted on 12/02/2020
    The school board poses for a photo

    New Board Officers Elected for 2020-21

    During the December 2 Regular School Board Meeting, the Seattle School Board elected the 2020-21 board officers.

    The Seattle School Board of Directors represent each geographic region of the city and together govern the largest school district in Washington.

    The Seattle School Board elected Chandra Hampson board president, Brandon Hersey as vice president, and Lisa Rivera-Smith as member-at-large. The board officers started in these new roles immediately after the vote and will each serve for a one-year term. Please join us in welcoming the Board officers to these new positions.

    "I am honored to be elected president for the Seattle School Board and appreciate the trust my colleagues have placed in my leadership. Governance of the largest district in the state is a tremendous responsibility. Seattle sets the public education standard for our region in so many ways. And yet, like many districts we must undo legacies of racism and actively build a better future for all our students. COVID-19 continues to be a significant challenge in front of us but also an opportunity to rethink public education. It will require great leadership to realize these opportunities, and I hope to serve in that capacity. As president, I will maintain my commitments to transparency, accountability, and authentic engagement with students, families, staff, and the broader community. I look forward to serving our community in this new role and supporting our 53,000 students in their educational journeys," said President Chandra Hampson.

    "Early on I knew the power of a great education. My mom, Von Kyle Hersey, was an educator that had an unwavering belief in each child's limitless potential and brilliance. Her personal investment in others positively impacted individuals and entire communities. She inspired me to become a public educator and follow in her footsteps. As a board director for Seattle Public Schools and now as the vice-president of the board, I carry her values with me as I work for transformational change. I want to thank my board colleagues for their support and confidence in my leadership. Together, I believe we can navigate these challenging times and ensure students receive a great education – no matter the circumstances. As the Board vice-president I will continue to bring the voices of our most diverse communities to the forefront of our discussions and decisions. Through collaboration and strong leadership, we will provide the great public education that our students deserve. Onward and upward," said Vice President Brandon K. Hersey.

    "Thank you to my fellow board members for your nomination and election to the Executive Committee of the Seattle School Board. I am truly humbled by your support and trust. I'm a strong believer in public education. It is the bedrock of our democracy and I know personally how a great education can open doors to a bright future. As the board's newly elected member-at-large, I will continue to prioritize the voices and perspectives of our underserved students and families. I hear your stories and they ground my perspective as we make difficult decisions. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and help my board colleagues and staff navigate the complex challenges facing public education in this moment. This is an amazing opportunity and responsibility and I look forward to serving in this new role," said Director Lisa Rivera-Smith.

    2020-21 Committee Assignments

    Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee acts as a liaison and provides leadership for School Board activities.

    • Chandra Hampson, President
    • Brandon Hersey, Vice President
    • Lisa Rivera-Smith, Member-at-Large

    Operations Committee
    Operations Committee The Operations Committee develops, reviews, and make recommendations for operation, facility and capital program policies.

    Assignments to be determined

    Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee
    Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee The Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee develops and reviews academic policies and makes recommendations on Teaching and Learning Board Action Reports.

    Assignments to be determined

    Audit and Finance Committee
    Audit and Finance Committee The Audit and Finance Committee provides oversight of the financial matters and budget development process of the District.

    Assignments to be determined


    School Board Directors

    To learn more about the Seattle School Board Directors, including contact information and upcoming community meetings, please visit the director webpages

    Liza Rankin represents District 1 North Seattle, including Broadview, North Beach, Olympic Hills
    District 1 Director Webpage

    Lisa Rivera-Smith represents District 2 Northwest Seattle, including Greenlake, Greenwood and Fremont
    District 2 Director Webpage 

    Chandra N. Hampson represents District 3 Northeast Seattle, including Sand Point, View Ridge and Bryant
    District 3 Director Webpage

    Eden Mack represents District 4, Northwest and central Seattle, including Magnolia, Queen Anne and southern neighborhoods in Ballard 
    District 4 Director Webpage

    Zachary DeWolf represents District 5 Central Seattle, including Capitol Hill, downtown and the Central Area
    District 5 Director Webpage

    Leslie Harris represents District 6, which includes West Seattle and South Park
    District 6 Director Webpage

    Brandon K. Hersey represents District 7 Southeast Seattle, including Beacon Hill, Rainier Beach, Rainier View
    District 7 Director Webpage