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    Native American Heritage Month Proclamation
    Posted on 11/07/2019
    Superintendent speaks from the board dias during the proclamation at the board meeting.

    Native American Heritage Month Proclamation

    WHEREAS, Washington State is home to 29 federally recognized Native American Tribes, and the City of Seattle is named for Chief Sealth; and

    WHEREAS, Native American contributions and values have shaped the social, political, environmental, cultural and economic fabric of Seattle; and,

    WHEREAS, state law and Seattle School Board curriculum adoption mandates Since Time Immemorial, the teaching of Washington State tribal history, culture and government in K-12 schools; which contribute greatly to improving school's history curriculum, enhance students’ identity safety, and improve all students’ cultural understanding; and

    WHEREAS, Seattle Public Schools Native American Education Program is dedicated to increasing academic success for Native American and Alaskan Native students across the district; and

    WHEREAS, the state of Washington and Seattle Public Schools have designated the Friday immediately following the fourth Thursday in November a school holiday known as Native American Heritage Day; and

    WHEREAS, Seattle Public Schools joins others across the nation in celebrating Native American Heritage Month, honoring the unique heritage of this continent's First People, and reaffirming the commitment to respect each tribe's sovereignty and cultural identity;

    NOW, THEREFORE, Seattle Public Schools, do hereby proclaim November 2019 to be

    Native American Heritage Month

    and November 29, 2019 as

    American Heritage Day

    in Seattle Public Schools, and we encourage all people in our district and city to join the district in this special observance.

    Superintendent Denise Juneau