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    Celebrating Our Counselors: National School Counseling Week
    Posted on 02/08/2019
    A school counselor with a hand puppet talks to students in a classroom

    Celebrating Our Counselors: National School Counseling Week

    This week, we celebrate the counselors in our district serving more than 50,000 students at our schools. Their dedication to serving our students, families, and communities is appreciated, and we thank them for going above and beyond in providing comprehensive support to thousands of students.

    Counselors provide students with the knowledge and skills to help them envision future pathways for success in college, careers, and post-secondary choices. In addition to helping students plan for college and career, school counselors address the social/and emotional development of students. They work in partnership with other school staff, families, and the community to build a safety net of support systems around the whole child.

    Phuong Tran, counselor at Rainier Beach High School says her role is all encompassing. “I monitor students for on-track graduation, attendance, and their grades. If we see a dip in attendance, we dig deeper to find out what’s going on with the student. We advocate for the student first.”

    Tran involves teachers, parents and families, and community members when developing a plan of support for students. “We can’t do this alone. We build that bridge to help students and connect them with the resources they need to succeed. We work with staff, families, and we’re reaching out to our resources to find someone that can support your student.”

    Like Tran, the district’s counselors are committed to developing positive relationships, as this is one of the district’s key strategies in eliminating opportunity gaps.

    In recognition of the counselors throughout the district, we extend a heartfelt “thank you.”

    Here is more information on National School Counseling Week and the American School Counselor Association.