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    Microsoft Teams for Education Update
    Posted on 02/04/2021

    Microsoft Teams for Education Update

    Seattle Public Schools is currently in the process of transitioning to Microsoft Teams for Education, a new Microsoft video conferencing product specifically designed for education settings.

    This new platform has better features and controls that educators and families have been requesting that they can't currently use in Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft Teams for Education, classroom educators will be able to use breakout rooms and can manage the class chat feature and comments to improve the student remote learning experience.

    We are making progress toward the successful implementation of Microsoft Teams for Education. Beginning this month, K-8, middle, and high schools will begin the transition to this new platform after training is completed by educators. It is expected that elementary schools will begin this transition in the spring. When it is time for your student's school to transition over to Microsoft Teams for Education, your student will receive an email notification that they have been invited to a Teams meeting.

    It is important that students do not decline these meetings, because they will disappear from their calendar. Students will now access all of their Teams meetings from their Teams calendar.

    Students can expect to see a Class Team activated for each class that they have. The Class Teams are located in the "Teams" button on the left-hand side within the Microsoft Teams app.

    Families will not have to download a new Teams app to access Microsoft Teams for Education. Also, students will now access the chat history from a meeting within their Class Team. There will no longer be a chat history created in the "Chat" button on the left-hand toolbar.

    More information will be provided as it becomes available. Thank you to our students, families, and educators for their valuable feedback so that we can make the remote learning experience better for our SPS community.