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    Share Your Feedback on Addressing Mercer Middle School Capacity
    Posted on 10/27/2020

    Share Your Feedback on Addressing Mercer Middle School Capacity

    Mercer Middle School has more students enrolled than the school building's capacity. As a result, changes must be made to reduce the number of students who attend Mercer next year — in 2021-22.

    We are asking current and future Mercer Middle School families to share their thoughts about how to solve over-crowding at Mercer International Middle School.

    Please watch this short video or review the information provided Mercer Middle School Capacity webpage.

    Families are invited to share their feedback and questions through Let’s Talk.

    No decisions have been made yet. The Enrollment Planning team will review all submissions to identify proposed solutions.

    In November, we'll share what we heard and any potential solutions for your additional feedback. Some possible solutions, such as boundary changes or program changes, would require the Seattle School Board to make a decision.

    Any decisions impacting the 2021-22 school year will be made before Open Enrollment in February 2021.

    Read more about Mercer Middle School Capacity.