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    Literacy Night at Dunlap Elementary
    Posted on 12/10/2019
    Several early reader books sit on a table during the event

    Literacy Night at Dunlap Elementary

    On December 5, students and families at Dunlap Elementary were treated to their annual Literacy Night. The theme? “Seattle Super Readers,” of course! This event is a time for staff, families, and students to come together around the common goal of building reading skills.

    As students entered, they received a superhero cape to wear throughout the evening and to take home to continue building their reading super powers, like reading comprehension and learning new words. After receiving their cape, students were able to create their own superhero masks. Students and staff alike were seen in their most creative superhero costumes, all while focusing on reading.

    “When Dunlap gets a theme, we go all out!” Principal Winifred Todd said. “We want families to feel welcomed and relaxed. We just want people to have some joy. Joy in reading, joy in school, joy in life. Everything centers around joy.”

    Throughout the night, students and families rotated between tables centered around a specific literacy building activity. Students wrote and drew their own comic book strips, participated in word puzzles and other reading-centered games, and participated in a book exchange. Students were able to take a book home with them at the end of the event, choosing from a variety of reading levels. There were even books available for young children who are in preschool or younger.

    Parents received tools to help build their student’s reading skills at home with resources translated into all home languages, as well as additional resources from community partners. Resources included recommended book lists, tips for reading with students 20 minutes each day, and questions to ask students while reading to ensure comprehension of characters, plot, and setting. WithinReach, a nonprofit community partner, was also in attendance to talk about how they help families across the state navigate complex health and social service systems.

    This year’s literacy night was planned to perfection by Kathryn Ellingsen, school librarian, who was filled with excitement over the great turnout.

    “During our promotion of this event, we created in-school commercials and announcements with students,” Ellingsen said. “Clearly they were effective!” Throughout the evening you could hear laughter and see smiles from everyone in attendance, all while students engaged in reading.

    Dunlap Elementary is a great example of how to engage students in reading and have fun in the process. Now, that’s joy.

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