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    Report on Previous Levies: Your tax dollars help students succeed
    Posted on 12/18/2018
    photo of two graduated students with diplomas

    A Report to the Community: Your tax dollars help students succeed

    Seattle Public Schools relies on local, voter-approved levies to pay for day-to-day operations, construction and upgrades to school buildings, and technology improvements not fully funded by the state.

    Seattle Public Schools has a long history of support from the community to help fund our schools with operational and capital levies. Thank you, Seattle. You continue to make a difference for every student, every classroom, every day.

    Two education levies expire in 2019—the Operations Levy that was approved in 2016, and the Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Capital Levy approved in 2013. Replacements for these two levies will be on the Feb. 12, 2019 ballot.

    We want you to know how the district is spending the money previously approved by Seattle voters.

    This Report to the Community:

    • Presents an overview of how funding from the expiring three-year, 2016 Operations Levy has been used to provide a quality education that prepares students for college, career and life after high school.
    • Reports on the expiring six-year Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Capital Levy and shows how the district has kept the promises made in the Levies Information 2013 brochure.
    • In addition to these two levies, the Buildings, Technology and Academics IV (BTA IV) Capital Levy was approved in 2016. This six-year levy will expire in 2021, and projects are in progress. BTA IV supports the district’s long-range plans to upgrade and renovate aging school facilities and address enrollment growth. As with previous BTA levies, the three parts to BTA IV include: building projects, technology projects, and academic/athletics projects.

    2016 Operations Levy photo of teachers and student

    In February 2016, Seattle voters approved a $758.3 million replacement Operations Levy. This levy provided the second largest source of the district’s annual general fund operating budget and supports educational programs not fully funded by the state. A replacement for this levy is included in the Feb. 12, 2019 election.

    Specifically, this levy:

    • Helped to fund teacher, instructional assistant and support staff salaries, and supports such as professional development and training
    • Provided students with textbooks and classroom supplies
    • Improved safety and building security
    • Helped to fund Special Education services
    • Provided bilingual services for students
    • Funded race and equity staff and teams
    • Funding for professional development
    • Provided funding for multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) to provide support for struggling students
    • Included funding for bus transportation and student activities, such as music, arts, extra-curricular, and athletic opportunities


    2013 Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Capital Levyphoto of Loyal Heights ribbon cutting event

    Promises Made. Promises Kept. The six-year, voter-approved Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Capital Levy provided $694.9 million to continue the district’s work to replace or modernize district buildings, improve infrastructure and building systems, and improve school and district technology.

    Taxes for BEX IV are collected for six years only: 2014-19. Projects may continue past the end of the levy collection period. All projects identified in the Levies Information 2013 brochure will be completed on-time and within the BEX IV program budget.

    Please see the tabs below for details.