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    Magnolia Elementary Phase II Construction
    Posted on 05/20/2020
    Architect's drawing of addition to Magnolia Elementary

    Construction Begins Again at Magnolia Elementary

    The project to build a second classroom addition at Magnolia Elementary kicked off on Monday, May 18, 2020, with the contractor mobilizing on site. The addition will include six-classrooms, allowing the school to meet state K-3 class-size reduction goals. Once complete, it will seamlessly connect to the existing classroom and library wing.

    The drawing below shows the future view of the existing classroom wing and the new classrooms connected to make one wing on the southeast side of the school.

    architect's drawing of new addition

    The classroom addition was planned as part of the modernization and expansion project that let the district open Magnolia as a new attendance area elementary school last year. However, this portion was not funded at the time the construction began in December 2017.

    The photos below shows the project trailer and storage container, and the temporary fencing on the east side of the school.

    photo of a trailer and storage container on shredded wood

    photo a brick building with fencing

    Project funding comes from a Distressed Schools grant from the State of Washington and the Buildings, Technology, and Academics IV Capital Levy (BTA IV).

    More information, project updates, and photos can be found on the Magnolia project page.