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    Seattle Public Schools Files Suit Against Juul
    Posted on 11/08/2019
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    Seattle Public Schools Files Suit Against Juul

    On Thursday, November 7, Superintendent Denise Juneau announced that Seattle Public Schools is filing a lawsuit against Juul Labs, Inc., the electronic cigarette company that manufactures, distributes, and sells cigarette alternatives commonly known as vaporizers, vape pens or e-cigarettes.

    Research from the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey shows that vaping among teenagers in Washington state has increased significantly over the past few years.

    In her announcement on Thursday, Superintendent Juneau noted that vaping is reaching epidemic proportions among teenagers and that Seattle Public Schools will not sit by while our students suffer the effects of being targeted by Juul.

    "Vaping in any form is not safe, and Juul —largely through its marketing efforts — has had a huge impact on the increases in young people who vape," said Lisa Davidson, Seattle Public Schools Manager of Prevention and Intervention. "Along with educating our school community, it is important to also directly address Juul's predatory marketing practices through this suit."

    Due to the rise in youth vaping, the district Prevention and Intervention team has led education and prevention efforts with students, staff, families, and community partners.

    The lawsuit was filed in Seattle on Thursday. It alleges that Juul’s advertising and product design deliberately targets minors and has contributed to a dramatic increase in youth vaping and youth nicotine addiction. The lawsuit asks the court to order Juul to cease marketing its addictive product to minors and for damages and funding for district prevention education and addiction treatment, among other relief.

    In addition to filing suit against Juul, SPS is also filing against Altria Group, Inc. the parent company of Philip Morris, which owns a 35 percent stake in Juul, and Eonsmoke, LLC, which markets Juul-compatible products and has initiated youth-oriented social media campaigns such as "Doit4juul."

    Read the case documents for the Seattle Public Schools JUUL Labs E-Cigarette Litigation.