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    Students Explore Tech and Computer Engineering Careers During Computer Science Education Week
    Posted on 12/07/2018
    A Redfin staff member talks with students in a classroom

    Students Explore Tech and Computer Engineering Careers During Computer Science Education Week

    On Dec. 4, 2018, students at several district middle schools participated in the Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week with the support of the Redfin Engineering Team. The Hour of Code is a global movement that began as a grassroots campaign to introduce students to computer science and coding.

    Throughout the day, professional engineers and students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses participated in different learning activities that introduced them to basic computer science concepts. Participating middle schools included: Blaine, Broadview Thompson, Hazel Wolf, Mercer, Robert Eagle Staff, Salmon Bay, and Whitman.

    At Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, engineers led Chandler Dennison’s class in a network routing activity. Dennison’s “Explorations in Technology” class is a CTE course for grades 6-8.

    During the activity, Shri Repp from Redfin asked questions of students that paired their current knowledge and learning with new, abstract concepts. She continuously asked questions to help students draw relatable connections to what they’ve already learned.

    Before the class ended, Bhaskar Khaneja, Calvin Li, and Shri Repp stood in front of the classroom and welcomed questions from students on a variety of topics. One student asked, “How many years of college did you attend?”

    Li explained how he studied computer science for four years in college. Another student asked the panel for details on how they entered the engineering field.

    Repp shared how both of her parents were computer engineers, and her dad suggested she take a few courses to see if the field would be right for her. She ultimately decided to enter the engineering field and is now on a team at Redfin that helps homeowners find a mortgage that meets their needs for purchasing a home. She finds this aspect of the work rewarding, as she’s placed in a position to help others using her background and expertise.

    In total, 45 members from Redfin’s Engineering Team contributed to students’ learning by giving their time and experience. Through community partners in the city, such as Redfin, students taking CTE courses at Seattle Public Schools are given the opportunity to pair their education in the classroom to experiences one can find out in the real world and network with career professionals.

    Learn more about the CTE program at the district’s middle and high schools, and how it is preparing students for success in college, career, and community.

    See photos and read more about the December 2018 Hour of Code event on the on the Redfin engineering team blog.