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    Hands-On Horticulture Learning and Spring Plant Sale at Nathan Hale
    Posted on 04/25/2019
    Two students work together in the Hale horticulture greenhouse

    Hands-On Horticulture Learning at Nathan Hale High School

    Students from the horticulture class at Nathan Hale High School are having a busy year. In the fall and winter, students planted seeds and cuttings of varieties of vegetables, herbs, perennial flowers and plants, hanging flower baskets, and more. In addition to hands-on learning, students gained insights into the science behind plants, such as plant genetics, taxonomy, and propagation.

    Horticulture is a CTE (career and technical education) course offered at Nathan Hale, NOVA, and Ballard High School throughout the school year. Students can also take an intro to Horticulture course through the Seattle Skills Center in the summer and earn CTE credits.

    The CTE program at Seattle Public Schools is a planned program of courses and learning experiences that begins with exploration of career options, supports academic and life skills, and enables achievement of high academic standards, leadership, and preparation for career and college. Marco, senior at Nathan Hale, said he learned about different watering methods. “Horticulture means to learn about plants in a different way, as you get the hands-on experience.”

    Spring Plant Sale

    The learning took place in both the classroom and in the commercial-size greenhouse and half-acre school garden, known as the Nathan Hale Urban Farm. Now with spring’s arrival, the plants have grown into seedlings under the care of the students and will be available for purchase on May 10 – May 11, 2019 at the Nathan Hale Horticulture and Urban Farm Edible and Ornamental Plant Sale (11051 34th Ave NE, Seattle).

    Amran and Habiba are both seniors and in their second year of taking horticulture. When speaking with them, they had their hands in the soil. “We planted them [seedlings] first,” said Amran. “Now, they’re ready to be sold.”

    The plant sale introduces students to business practices, as they coordinate how to market an event and plan for the products they will bring to customers. Using last year’s sales as a metric, students are looking forward to exceeding those numbers by offering more plant varieties this year.

    “Last year’s plant sale was quite a success,” said Jessica Torvik, CTE teacher. She taught the horticulture class in the past and is familiar with the students’ hard work and the community’s unwavering support.

    Thinking longer-term, the horticulture class also makes connections to career-connected learning by introducing students to agricultural careers in farming, public service, greenhouse/nursery management, landscape design, business and entrepreneurship, and environmental science.

    Interested students can learn more about enrolling in upcoming horticulture classes, and all are encouraged to visit and support the Nathan Hale Urban Farm Sale on May 10 and May 11, 2019. Meet the students behind the work and be sure to ask them for advice on caring for the plants you purchase!

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