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    Graduates Share a Special Message for Classmates
    Posted on 06/19/2020

    Graduates Share a Special Message for Classmates

    The week of June 15, 2020, high school seniors from across the district came together at the Space Needle to create a special send off for the Seattle Public Schools Class of 2020.

    In video messages to their classmates, representatives from SPS high schools congratulated their peers, acknowledged the unique circumstances of this school year, and encouraged students to continue advocating for a better future.

    Watch messages from each of the students below.

    Adam Billen
    Class of 2020
    The Center School
    Watch the Adam's message

    Aneesa Roidad
    Class of 2020
    Ballard High School
    Watch the Aneesa's message

    Della Floyd
    Class of 2020
    Chief Sealth International High School
    Watch the Della's message

    DeMarcus Belle
    Class of 2020
    Interagency Academy
    Watch the DeMarcus' message

    Erica Ijeoma
    Class of 2020
    West Seattle High School
    Watch the Erica's message

    Hemani Kalia
    Class of 2020
    Nathan Hale High School
    Watch the Hemani's message

    Iliana Soto Lerma
    Class of 2020
    Seattle World School
    Watch the Illiana's message

    Kai Yuen
    Class of 2020
    Ingraham High School
    Watch the Kai's message

    LeVera Brown
    Class of 2020
    Franklin High School
    Watch the LeVera's message

    Lydia Sourichanh
    Class of 2020
    Cleveland High School
    Watch the Lydia's message

    Maeve Flynn
    Class of 2020
    Middle College High School
    Watch the Maeve's message

    Malaika Saleem
    Class of 2020
    Roosevelt High School
    Watch the Malaika's message

    Mirabai Kukathas
    Class of 2020
    Nova High School
    Watch the Mirabai's message

    Mychael Hodges
    Class of 2020
    Garfield High School
    Watch the Mychael's message