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    2020-21 Grading and Progress Report Guidance
    Posted on 09/23/2020
    A teacher and student talk in a doorway wearing face masks

    2020-21 Grading and Progress Report Guidance

    At Seattle Public Schools, we are focused on anti-racist, equity-aligned grading practices that support greater accuracy, anti-bias, and student motivation and growth mindset in classroom grading.

    On August 12, 2020, the SPS School Board voted to temporarily suspend portions of the district's high school grading policy (Policy 2420PDF icon) so that students taking high school or middle school courses will earn "A-C-" or "Incomplete" final grades as measures of their learning progress.

    This revised grading scale, along with associated grading practice guidance given to educators, seeks to minimize harm to students and promote equity during remote learning.

    Elementary School

    Elementary will be reporting progress toward prioritized standards for the 2020-21 school year.

    Standards will be marked with:

    • 4 exceeding grade-level expectations
    • 3 meeting grade-level expectations
    • 2 approaching grade-level expectations
    • 1 below grade-level expectations
    • * an asterisk indicates that the standard is not being evaluated at this time

    Progress reports will be accompanied by robust comments from your child's educator.

    Middle and High School

    "A" through "C-" or "Incomplete" grades are the only options for final grade marking for the 2020-21 school year.

    The "C-" final grade cut off is 70% on the 100 point scale. This means if your student has a grade below 70% as their final grade, they will receive an "Incomplete."

    An "Incomplete" will only be earned after a detailed support process involving the teacher, relevant learning team (e.g., IEP team), and school leaders.

    As in the spring, "D" and "E" scores will still be visible in the gradebook and on the Source. However, teachers will convert "D" and "E" grades into "Incomplete" final grades at the end of the semester.

    Courses that are designated as "Pass/No Pass" before the start of the semester will be graded as "Pass/Incomplete" at the end of the semester.

    If students are at risk of earning an "Incomplete," the student and their family will be informed well in advance of final grades. If they earn an "Incomplete" as their final grade, the student will have the opportunity to appeal or work with their teacher to create and complete a learning plan to earn a letter grade and the course credit.

    If students with IEPs and 504s are at risk of earning an "Incomplete," the student's educator will consult with their IEP case manager or the school-based 504 team, as well as the student and their family, to review student progress, ensure appropriate supports, accommodations, and modifications are present for remote learning and develop a plan for completing the course and earning credit.

    Running Start and College in High School

    For students in Running Start, the “A-C-” or “Incomplete” grading policy does not apply. Running Start course grades are assigned by outside entities and are subject to their individual grading policy. SPS records theses grades on the high school transcript as they are given. For students in College in High School courses, the only grades that can appear on their high school transcript for this year are "A" through "C-" or "Incomplete,".

    However, the SPS grading policy does not apply to college transcript grades. Any "Incompletes" from the college should be made up by working with that institution.

    All progress reports and grades can be found by logging into the Source.

    For more information about Remote Learning and supports for your student, visit the Remote Learning Resources page.