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    Bryant Elementary Wins Global Reading Challenge
    Posted on 03/20/2019
    The winning student group stands together holding their awards

    Bryant Elementary Wins Global Reading Challenge

    Congratulations to the “Unusual Students for the Exceptional Librarian” of Bryant Elementary School for their recent win at the Global Reading Challenge hosted in partnership with the Seattle Public Library. This is the second year in a row that a team from Bryant Elementary has taken the top spot.

    Anna is one of the fifth graders on the team. She shares that she is, “really happy we won; we worked really hard on reading the books multiple times, and we had a lot of fun quizzing each other.”

    This annual event encourages finding the fun in student literacy for fourth and fifth grades students district-wide through a Battle of the Books program. Students are encouraged to form teams and read 10 books. They then participate in a trivia competition and answer questions about the books to determine the city-wide champion.

    Fifth grade teammate Andrew shares about how the team prepared for the competition: “We spent a lot of time, coming up to the library every lunch, and worked together,”  fourth grader Maia adds, “We worked really hard. We quizzed each other a lot and found that many of the questions in the finals were ones we already asked each other.”

    Bryant Elementary Teacher-Librarian Anne Aliverti and coach for the competition believes that the Global Reading Challenge is a community endeavor. “From the staff who coordinate at Seattle Public Library, to the teacher-librarians who devise and share study resources, to the kids who read and adore the books - we are all winners!" she says.

    Please join us in celebrating the “Unusual Students for the Exception Librarian” of Bryant Elementary.

    Team members: 

    • Andrew Day, 5th grade
    • Anna Davis, 4th grade
    • Anna Lai, 5th grade
    • Kate Aliverti, 4th grade
    • Leo Jaine, 4th grade
    • Megan Gross, 5th grade
    • Maia Fei, 4th grade

    See the list of 2019 Global Reading Challenge Books.