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    Family and Student Surveys
    Posted on 10/29/2020
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    Please Complete Family and Student Surveys by Friday, October 30

    As we settle into a rhythm of remote learning this fall, it is more important than ever that we check in regularly with our students and families to see how remote learning is going, as well as how we can improve our efforts over the course of the year.

    Starting the week of October 19, Seattle Public Schools will be delivering a short survey to students in grades 3-12, families, and staff.

    These surveys will be given again in January, and then our annual school climate survey will be given in the spring. All survey results will be publicly available shortly after the survey window closes.

    Student Surveys

    Student surveys will be delivered during live/synchronous school time and will not require any parental supervision. The October survey will be an anonymous link, so children’s responses will not be linked to them in any way.

    Parents/guardians may opt their child(ren) out of the survey, by completing a form by Thursday, October 15.

    The survey will include four core questions about students' remote learning experiences:

    1. Overall, how do you feel about remote learning this fall?
    2. How does this compare to last spring?
    3. In the last week, have you had any major challenges connecting to remote learning?
    4. What would most help to improve your remote learning experience?

    In addition, they will receive an additional 10-12 questions about school climate and culture, including questions about belonging and school safety, culturally responsive instruction, and student voice and participation. This part of the survey will be used to field test new survey questions in advance of our annual climate surveys in the spring.

    The results will be shared with the Superintendent's Remote Learning Task Force and will be accessible to all families from the Panorama survey portal very soon after the survey window closes.

    Family Surveys

    Parents/guardians will be able to complete a family survey for each SPS school where they have a child enrolled. (Note: If you have multiple children in the same school, please combine your/their experiences when answering.)

    Just like the annual survey sent each spring, this survey will be linked to your student, but your information is confidential.

    Surveys were sent to families via email on Monday, October 19. Please check your inbox and spam folders for the personalized link. Check for an email with the subject line "Request for Feedback: Seattle Public Schools Pulse Survey."

    If you have children in different schools and would like to respond for each school, please use the link again to complete a separate survey for each of those other schools, or if you prefer to respond to an anonymous link, please use this Seattle Public Schools anonymous survey link.

    Thank you for your participation. Your feedback helps us continue to improve our remote learning practices.