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    EEU PreK and Kindergarten Enrollment Process Change
    Posted on 01/14/2020
    Three preschool students play together at a water table

    EEU Preschool and Kindergarten Enrollment Process Change

    This year, the process for applying for special education preschool and kindergarten at the Experimental Education Unit (EEU) at University of Washington has changed.


    About Preschool and Kindergarten at EEU

    Seattle Public Schools contracts with the EEU for a limited number of special education slots to provide Developmental Preschool and SPP Plus services.

    Who is eligible to apply for EEU?  Seattle Public Schools preschool students with a current IEP requiring placement in developmental preschool or SPP Plus are eligible to apply for preschool assignment at the EEU. Students must be 3 years old and have an IEP at the time of application. School choice applications are accepted through May 31st.

    Preschool students rising to kindergarten who require a special education program placement in Access, Focus, SEL, or Distinct programs are eligible to be selected for kindergarten assignment at the EEU.

    How to Enroll for EEU

    Families interested in applying for assignment to the EEU must apply through the district’s established School Choice process. The School Choice Open Enrollment period for the 2020-21 school year is February 3-14, 2020.

    Open Enrollment window is the annual period where students may first apply to attend a different school or program next year. School Choice applications will be accepted through May 31, but are only eligible for priority tiebreakers if received during Open Enrollment.

    School Choice applications can be completed online or in person at the John Stanford Center. It is not guaranteed that students will be assigned to their school of choice. School Choice forms will be available online February 3, and at the John Stanford Center.

    Read more about School Choice and Open Enrollment.

    Families who wish to apply for EEU preschool or kindergarten can also find more information in-person at the Admissions Fair on Saturday, January 18.

    Questions or concerns may be directed to

    About Seattle Preschool Program Plus

    Seattle Public Schools offers inclusive preschool program services for students with IEPs throughout the district in Seattle Preschool Program Plus (SPP Plus) classrooms. Read more about SPP Plus or contact your current case manager to learn more.

    Read more about preschool at Seattle Public Schools.


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