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    Superintendent Denise Juneau is Pleased to Welcome African American Male Achievement Managers Adam Haizlip and Kevin Loyal
    Posted on 02/05/2020
    Haizlip and Loyal pose for a photo together

    Superintendent Denise Juneau is Pleased to Welcome African American Male Achievement Managers

    Seattle Public Schools is pleased to welcome recently hired Adam Haizlip and Kevin Loyal as managers of the Office of African American Male Achievement (AAMA).

    Haizlip and Loyal will join the AAMA department, led by Dr. Mia Williams, which is charged with the advancement of African American boys and young men and the elimination of disparities in educational and social outcomes for students, grades preK-12.

    Haizlip and Loyal will amplify and support the excellence inherent in our African American male students and help create the school system that they deserve. This work is central to the district’s five-year strategic plan, Seattle Excellence, which unapologetically supports and serves students furthest from educational justice, beginning with African American boys and young men.

    After an extensive interview process, Haizlip and Loyal were selected for the positions due to their commitment and experience supporting and serving youth with an intentional focus on African American boys and young men.

    Adam Haizlip

    Mr. Haizlip poses for a photoHaizlip is recognized for his leadership in diversity and for contributions to social justice, equity, and inclusion in service and scholarship. Haizlip has worked in higher education administration for almost eight years, focusing on student learning and leadership to support underrepresented populations.

    At the University System of Georgia, he was responsible for the successful administration, program operation and state reporting of the system’s African American Male Initiative grant.

    Most recently, Haizlip served as an academic support coordinator and professor of American cultural studies at Western Washington University. Haizlip is also the co-founder of The Haizlip Group, offering diversity and inclusion consulting and training to educational institutions and nonprofits in the United States and abroad. Haizlip received his undergraduate degree from Central Washington University and a Masters of Education from Georgia Southern University.

    Mr. Loyal poses for a photoKevin Loyal 

    Loyal has 14 years of experience serving youth in the greater King County area with an intentional focus on African American boys and young men. As a graduate of Seattle Public Schools and an academic intervention teacher at Rainier Beach High School, Loyal brings experience, commitment, and compassion to the AAMA office and the Seattle Public Schools community.

    In addition to serving as an educator, Loyal created the Capture Excellent Opportunities (CEO) Program in 2014 to support African American male students and to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. As after-hours housing supervisor at the Downtown Emergency Services Center, Loyal supported housing and health to end homelessness for African American males.

    Loyal received a B.A. in education, communities, and organizations from the University of Washington. Throughout his career as an educator and community and program manager, Loyal has shown his commitment to continually love and support young black men.


    Haizlip's and Loyal's Commitment and Passion Will Advance AAMA's Work to Cultivate a School System that Advances African American Boys and Young Men

    Seattle Public Schools is committed to being a school system that loves black boys and youth and focuses on not fixing students, but disrupting and fixing the racist systems that marginalize and limit them. Haizlip and Loyal’s unwavering commitment to educational justice and their passion for creating institutions that support and love young black males, make them a clear choice for these positions.

    “Beyond their overwhelming professional qualifications for the positions, Mr. Haizlip and Mr. Loyal demonstrated their deep personal connection and passion for this work,” Dr. Mia Williams, executive director of African American Male Achievement, shared. “They demonstrate a strong commitment to create a loving, supportive school system that advances African American boys and young men to not only learn, graduate, and succeed, but to foster a strong sense of cultural identity and community. I couldn’t be more excited or optimistic for the work to come, and about how Mr. Haizlip and Mr. Loyal’s leadership will support our young Black kings.”

    The Office of AAMA directly aligns with the Seattle Excellence, the district's strategic plan and the collective commitment to unapologetically support and serve students and families furthest from educational justice.

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