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    Cybersecurity Team Works to Keep Data Safe
    Posted on 12/03/2020

    Cybersecurity Team Works to Keep Data Safe

    The SPS cybersecurity team is constantly working to protect student and staff data and maintain consistent operations for remote learning. Recently, several large school districts across the country have been the target of ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that may block access to programs or expose personal data and is typically accessed through a link or attachment that is disguised to look like it comes from a trusted source.

    Some of the protections in place with SPS systems include limiting student and staff administrative rights wherever possible, blocking the ability of attachments and downloads to launch malicious content, updating software and security regularly, updating our antivirus and anti-malware tools to be aware of activity changes as well as known threats, and adding 24-hour human monitoring of all our cybersecurity alarm systems.

    The department of technology also works with all vendors to make sure that vendor exploits and ransom attacks minimize risk to district data by requiring encryption at rest and in transit. We also limit the use of our personally identifiable information and block redistribution of our student data, as well as requiring deletion of our data when a contract is terminated, and we require immediate notification of breaches.

    Central office provides support for students and staff to become better digital citizens, reminding them that passwords are like toothbrushes - not to be shared and to be changed regularly; and running periodic phishing tests to train staff on how to spot digital threats online. Staff also have access to several cybersecurity training videos through the SafeSchools training library.

    More information and best practices for our parents and students regarding online digital safety can be found on the Common Sense Media webpage.