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    CTE Medical Pathway Panel at Garfield High School
    Posted on 02/20/2020
    A panel of students and professionals sit together in a school common space

    CTE Medical Pathway Panel at Garfield High School

    February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month and Seattle Public Schools celebrates the value of CTE and the achievements of our students who participate in the many CTE programs and classes the district has to offer.

    Currently, about 12% of high school students in Seattle Public Schools participate in a CTE program, and students can explore their career options in more than 300 courses, earn advanced diplomas, and receive college credit.

    Participation in these courses helps students develop leadership and innovation skills such as creative problem solving, collaboration and flexibility, and technology and media literacy. Healthcare, IT, and skilled trade jobs are in high demand in the Seattle area, and CTE programs can help prepare students for college and career in those areas.

    A new health and medical pathway of courses launched for Seattle Public Schools students this year. Nathan Hale High School has the first cohort of students who have completed the Intro to Medical Careers course in semester one, which is the first course in the Health and Medical Pathway sequence. Garfield High School and Rainier Beach High School launched the Intro to Medical Careers course for semester two, with Nathan Hale offering a second section in semester two.

    For the 2020-21 school year, Lincoln High School, Chief Sealth High School, and Franklin High School will add this course to the registration option sheets for students to potentially offer the Health and Medical Pathway for students, for a total of six Seattle Public Schools high schools offering this exciting pathway in the future. The health and medical pathway consists of three courses and an internship. Upon completion of the courses, students will receive their CPR/AED, basic first aid, and bloodborne pathogen industry certifications.

    Through this pathway, students can explore a wide range of health and medical careers and build the academic and practical foundations necessary to pursue a career in health and medicine. Students have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, gain hands-on experiences, access internships, and can enroll in this pathway with no prerequisites, grade requirements, or additional fees.

    To help students determine if this pathway is right for them, two healthcare industry panels were offered to help promote the pathway and inform students about the various career options within this high demand industry. The first panel was held at Rainier Beach High School on February 12 and the second panel took place at Garfield High School on February 13 during the student advisory period.

    Among the healthcare professionals in attendance were a pediatric intensive care nurse, a nephrologist (kidney doctor) from the Department of Veterans Affairs, a registered nurse and attorney, and the executive director of digital strategy for a healthcare system.

    Students were able to ask questions such as “How long did it take you to get your degree?” “What roles are hospitals looking for the most?” “What courses or extracurriculars should I take in high school?” and “What is your favorite part about your job?”

    These professionals talked about the importance of the sciences and mathematics, but also the importance of getting hands-on experience and learning how to work with people. They expressed the significance of empathy, non-judgement, curiosity, and diversity within the medical field in order to give the best possible healthcare to everyone.

    When it came to the favorite parts about each of their jobs, they shared many of the same sentiments. They expressed that they loved helping families and patients and watching their health improve with their treatments. They also talked about how they enjoyed meeting new people, interacting with patients on a one-on-one level, and hearing diverse stories. Finally, each professional on the panel emphasized the flexibility in career changes within the industry and how they were each able to grow with their interests and passions.

    Thank you to the health professionals who took time out of their busy schedules to talk with students about the industry and answer their questions. The Health and Medical Pathway is just one of many CTE options for students in Seattle Public Schools, and students are encouraged to pursue their curiosities and passions through the many courses that are offered.

    Through our five-year strategic plan, Seattle Excellence, SPS is laser focused on students who are furthest from educational justice graduating ready for college and career, and expanding our CTE programs district-wide is one way in which we are accomplishing this important goal.

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