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    Celebrating our Substitute Educators
    Posted on 11/21/2019

    November 18-22 marks the 98th annual American Education Week, a week-long celebration created by the National Education Association to honor our country’s school staff. Observed Friday, November 22 as part of American Education Week 2019, Substitute Educators Day shows appreciation for our school substitute employees.

    Substitute educators in Seattle Public Schools help ensure our students are engaged and learning each school day. A few of our substitute educators shared their experiences as a substitute in Seattle Public Schools.


    Carol Erlewine, South Shore PK-8

    A photo of Carol Erlewine standing in front of a school building smiling“I think being a sub allows you to be in all the different classes and all the different grades and connect with kids from pre-K to eighth grade and just watching them grow and develop each year.

    "I think probably the first year when I first got started one of the 5th-grade teachers took a long leave. So, I got to be with that class for about four weeks. Now, I see them in middle school and they still remember me, which is nice,” said Erlewine.


    Crina Waller, Broadview-Thomson K-8

    Crina Waller smiling for a photo standing in a school office“I’ve been in Seattle Public Schools for around 30 years. I retired two years ago, and I decided to just stay at the school that I've been for over 18 years. I just love working with children. They're exciting, very interesting. So, I just love being around them.

    "Just working with children, treating them as people and listening if children have things to say. You know, sometimes at home, they don’t get that TLC. And they come to school, and you just talk, no screaming, no hollering, just talk and listen,” said Waller.


    Nicole Morrison Winters, South Shore PK-8

    A photo of Nicole Morrison Winter standing in front of a school smiling“What's important is just getting to know the kids and being able to build the community and know everybody. That’s the main reason why I started, to get to know other parents and build a stronger community at South Shore. And, South Shore has a great community, so it's been nice to be here more often and get to know the kids and get to know the needs and support the community better,” said Morrison Winters.


    Tizita Zeleke, South Shore PK-8

    A photo of Tizit Zeleke standing in front of a school smiling“I have two children going here. One is in kindergarten and one is in pre-k. I love this school. I taught in the same classroom as my son, so I have a good memory as my son grew up in that classroom. I love to see my kids,” said Zeleke.

    Thank you to the nearly 2,000 SPS substitute educators that help support our schools.