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    Updated Announcement: Addressing Capacity at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School
    Posted on 11/09/2018

    Addressing Capacity at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

    Update Nov. 9: Thank you to those who have participated in the conversation around over-enrollment and building capacity issues at the campus shared by Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Licton Springs K-8.

    We have decided to slow down the process after meeting with families on Nov. 7. As a result, we are canceling the meeting scheduled for Nov. 13 at Whitman Middle School.

    We will be moving forward a recommendation to the School Board that assigns all Olympic View Elementary neighborhood students to Jane Adams Middle School for the 2019-20 school year. The recommendation will also include grandfathering for current Robert Eagle Staff students.

    As a result, for the 2019-20 school year there will continue to be overcrowding at the Robert Eagle Staff and Licton Springs K-8 building. We are working with the school leaders to schedule meetings to discuss more thoughtful engagement and future plans.

    A work session on School Boundary Changes is scheduled for November 19 at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence from 4:30 – 6 p.m. This update will be discussed at the work session.

    We look forward to working with families to develop a long-term solution that addresses the capacity issues and reflects the needs of students and families.

    Posted Nov. 2: Due to increasing enrollment and growth in the northwest region, the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Licton Springs K-8 campus is unable to accommodate the number of students assigned in future years. Two classroom portables were already added for the 2018-19 school year, and student enrollment is expected to increase.

    In addition to serving neighborhood students, Robert Eagle Staff is a Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) pathway school, serving students who live in the Robert Eagle Staff and Whitman middle school service areas. This cohort of students is also growing.

    Student enrollment growth in the region and growth of the HCC population has resulted in building capacity constraints that need to be addressed. District staff have been exploring options to address these capacity challenges.

    Potential options will be shared with families at two upcoming community meetings. No decisions have been made. Staff will share scenarios being considered, answer questions, and listen to your feedback.

    Potential options:

    • Create an additional Highly Capable pathway at Whitman Middle School and assign students receiving Highly Capable (HC) services to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Whitman Middle School based on where students live. HC eligible students living in the Whitman attendance area would receive HC services at Whitman, and students living in the Robert Eagle Staff attendance area would continue to receive HC services at Robert Eagle Staff.
    • Move Licton Springs K-8 school to the Webster School building in Fall 2020. As a result of this move, both Licton Springs and Robert Eagle Staff would have their own buildings rather than be co-located.
    • Make Licton Springs a K-5 school given the lower enrollment at grades 6-8.
    • Adjust Olympic View Elementary feeder pattern so that all Olympic View students would be assigned to Jane Addams Middle School rather than the current split of Olympic View between Robert Eagle Staff and Jane Addams Middle School.

    The same information will be presented at both meetings.

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    Any changes will take effect in school year 2019-20 if approved by the Seattle School Board. If you have any questions, please email