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    Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program, Let’s Go, Expands to Middle School Programs
    Posted on 01/27/2020
    Students ride bikes in a school gym while another student holds up a mock traffic light.

    Seattle Public Schools Expands Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program, Let’s Go, to Middle School Programs

    After years of successfully piloting Let’s Go, a bicycle and pedestrian safety program, in all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms across the district, the Seattle School Board approved the expansion of Let’s Go to middle school programs districtwide at the regular board meeting on January 8, 2020.

    Let’s Go, a collaboration with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), the Cascade Bicycle Club (CBC), and Outdoors for All: Adaptive Recreation, provides physical education specialists with resources to implement a three week in-school bicycle and pedestrian safety program for students and gives tools for educators to meet students at their skill levels with differentiated lessons.

    Let’s Go focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent common causes of collisions and errors as students learn to navigate their environments. This program was rolled out to elementary school physical education programs starting in 2015 and its positive effect on student safety has allowed for it to continue with even more students, thanks to the support of the board.

    Let’s Go curriculum was designed by bicycle and pedestrian safety educators, transportation professionals, neighborhood safe street advocates, curriculum specialists, teachers, adapted physical education specialists, and school administrators. Physical education specialists use the curriculum to teach students how to ride a bike safely, how to be aware of their surroundings while walking in their neighborhoods, and other important lessons for moving around their communities.

    "With the implementation and expansion of Let’s Go, Seattle Public Schools is the first district in the nation to sustain a bicycle and pedestrian safety program,” said Lori S. Dunn, manager of physical education and health literacy. “It’s a program that provides equity in bicycle training and providing safety resources to our students, especially those furthest from educational justice.”

    Expanding the Let’s Go program to grades 6 through 8 will also promote a healthy and active lifestyle, with lesson plans that include adaptations for students who may have balance difficulties, physical disabilities, or low physical fitness abilities.

    Cascade Bicycle Club provides training and support for physical education educators who will be teaching the program in their classes. They also provide a bike trailer with a fleet of bikes and helmets for students to use during the program, so all students will have a bicycle to practice with during the three-week program.

    By Fall 2020, all middle school programs will have the Let’s Go training and curriculum. Thank you to the Seattle Department of Transportation, the Cascade Bicycle Club, Outdoors for All-Adaptive Recreation, Lori S. Dunn, and the Seattle School Board for collaborating to make this program a reality for our students.

    Student safety is our top priority in Seattle Public Schools and the Let’s Go program will help provide the tools and knowledge to keep our students safe — no matter where they live — plus ensures equity in bicycle training across the district. That is Seattle Excellence in action.

    Learn more about Let's Go on the Cascade Bicycle Club website.

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