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    Neighborhood Attendance Challenge Recognizes Students and their Families
    Posted on 11/16/2018
    A student holds an award certificate stands with parent and adult

    Neighborhood Attendance Challenge Recognizes Students and their Families

    At New Holly gathering hall, parents and their middle school students gathered on Nov. 13 to celebrate the recognition of perfect or improved attendance for the start of the 2018-19 school year.

    Through a partnership between Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Housing Authority (SHA), the middle school attendance challenge aims to send positive messages about the importance of attendance, encourage collaborations across SHA and school communities, build positive relationships between school, home, and community, and increase school attendance at Aki Kurose Middle School, Asa Mercer International Middle School, and South Shore PK-8 during the month of October.

    Out of 358 SHA students in grades 6-8 at the three schools, 111 had perfect or improved attendance and were celebrated for their achievements.

    Nageb Ali is in sixth grade at Aki Kurose. He received an award at the New Holly celebration to recognize his perfect attendance and he shares with a smile, “I feel honored.” On how he was able to achieve this accomplishment Nageb says, “I arrived at school every day on time and went to all my classes on time.” He feels a slight nudge on his arm and continues, “Thanks to my mom, who helped me get to school every day and made sure I got home safe.”

    Nageb’s mom is Asha Abdalla. Last year, her other son received an honor for his perfect attendance at Aki Kurose as well. Asha believes that attendance is important for her boys because “they have to have education. I support them to work hard so they can understand their future depends on their education.”

    Kathlyn Paananen, Seattle Public Schools housing and education manager shares about the importance of parents as partners in their students’ educational experience, “We know it takes the support of an entire family to get prepared for the school day. In the attendance celebration hosted by SHA, we wanted to recognize the contributions of the students and their caregivers that partner with our schools towards the shared goals of each child’s success.”

    At the celebration, SHA and the school staff of Aki Kurose, Asa Mercer, and South Shore distributed certificates signed by the school principals and executive director of SHA to students with improved or perfect attendance during the month of October. Seattle Public Schools and SHA are committed to ensuring students feel welcome, safe, and supported in their school communities.

    Thanks to the partnership between Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Housing Authority, the middle school attendance challenge provides opportunities for school staff to connect with families and build relationships that are centered around the shared goal of student success.

    Perfect attendance honoree Nageb Ali shares one final note, “I’m getting my education, so I don’t miss out on everything. You have more opportunities when you’re in school more.”

    Attendance Challenge Celebration Recognizes Student Achievements