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    Seattle Public Schools Addressing Equitable Access to Technology
    Posted on 06/21/2019

    Seattle Public Schools Addresses Equitable Access to Technology with a $12 Million Investment Using BTA IV Capital Funds

    On June 12, 2019, the Seattle School Board approved the district administration’s plan to address resource inequity in our schools. Board Policy 0030 states “the district shall provide equitable access to high-quality curriculum, supports, ... and other educational resources.” Providing equitable access to computers helps us fulfill the commitment of this policy.

    The board’s action will allocate a designated $12 millon of BTA IV funds to bring all kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms to a standard allocation of 12-16 laptops. High schools will transition to a 1:1 model starting in 9th grade with an accelerated rollout to grades 9-12 at Rainier Beach, Chief Sealth International High School, Franklin, and World School, joining Cleveland and South Lake as 1:1 laptop schools. Students will have use of the district provided laptop through graduation.

    Read the Seattle Public Schools Technology Plan and more about device rollout.

    The Building, Technology, and Academics (BTA) school levies fund small renovations, major maintenance and improvement projects in school buildings. In February 2016, Seattle voters approved the BTA IV levy, which included $16 million dollars to upgrade and expand classroom equipment and services, mobile and stationary computer labs.

    To learn more about the deployment timeline through next school year, home access, professional development support, and site-based purchase plans, please check for updates on the Department of Technology Services webpage.