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    Have You Moved?
    Posted on 07/31/2019

    Have you moved?

    If you have recently moved it is important to update your address with Seattle Public Schools. Up-to-date information helps us keep you informed and a new address may affect your student's school assignment. If you do not update your address, it may result in your student being dropped at the end of the school year. Please use this form to change your address with the district.

    Please Note: Before Monday, August 12, please do not deliver this form to Seattle Public Schools in person. You can mail, email or fax this form during this time. The address and fax information is found on the form below.

    The Admissions office located in the John Stanford Center on 3rd and Lander is closed July 19 through August 11. During this closure period, we will not accept any forms delivered in person to the John Stanford Center.

    We will accept and process forms and registration when we reopen Monday, August 12, 2019, 8:30 a.m.

    Address Change Form

    Will my student change schools?

    Your student may have to change school assignments based on when you move and where your new home is located. In general, students must change to their new attendance area schools if they are assigned to their attendance area school, are not grandfathered, and they move to a new attendance area.

    • If they move before the school year starts, they must change schools for the new school year.
    • If they move during the school year, they may finish the year at their current school, but they must change schools the next year.

    In all cases, reassignments are subject to any special education services a student may require. Detailed move rules are available in the Superintendent’s Procedures for Student Assignment 3130 SP. Visit the policy and procedure webpage to read the procedure.

    Please review the Move Rules chart to determine whether your student needs to change schools based on where you reside currently.

    Move Rules Chart pdf icon