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    District Welcomes the AAMA Student Leadership Council
    Posted on 02/14/2020
    Staff and students stand together to pose for a photo

    District Welcomes the AAMA Student Leadership Council

    On February 3, the Department of African American Male Achievement (AAMA) held its inaugural meeting of the AAMA Student Leadership Council (SLC). The SLC is a network of student leaders who support each other at their schools and across the district while also providing guidance to Seattle Public Schools leadership and holding leadership accountable on priority initiatives of AAMA.

    Kicking off the meeting, Dr. Mia Williams, AAMA executive director, asked students to share what skills or experience they bring to the council.

    Many students cited their leadership experience at school and in their community. Others discussed their passion for helping others. One student replied, “I bring me to the table.” The district is honored to have students at the table lending their unique perspective and voice to AAMA’s important work.

    AAMA works to support the excellence inherent in Black boys and young men in our district, which for far too long has not been acknowledged or intentionally cultivated in public education. But, Seattle Public Schools and AAMA can’t create a school system for students without students. With over 20 SLC students at the table, AAMA will work in partnership with students to create a school system that loves Black boys and youth and focuses not on fixing students but disrupting and fixing the racist systems that marginalize and limit them.

    This work directly aligns with Seattle Excellence, the district's five-year strategic plan, which is laser-focused on supporting students of color who are furthest away from educational justice, beginning with African American boys and young men.

    At the council meeting, newly-hired AAMA Manager Kevin Loyal explained that for the SLC to be successful, students will have to support one another and work together.

    “If you want to go fast, go alone,” Loyal explained. “If you want to go far, go together.”

    The SLC made their first group decision at the meeting by approving the new AAMA logo.AAMA Logo Students voted on their favorite logo from eight options, with an overwhelming majority selecting the final version. The logo is a visual representation of the district’s commitment and focus on unapologetically supporting African American male students through the creation of AAMA.

    Throughout the school year, SLC members will help develop initiatives, school site interventions, and programming for African American male students to support the work of AAMA and Seattle Excellence. Students will have the opportunity to present for the AAMA program to the Seattle School Board, other district leadership, and to local and national partners.

    “The reason that I want to be here is so that I can support my brothers, my school, and community and help them be successful,” Denny International Middle School student August Diggs said of joining the SLC. “And to help myself.”

    Watch a video of SLC students sharing why they decided to join the council below:

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