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    Waitlist Move Update
    Posted on 07/21/2017

    School Choice Waitlist Update

    District staff have been moving waitlists since April, and the School Board voted July 5 to expand the number of waitlists moves for this coming school year. Families affected by the newly approved moves will be contacted by Admissions staff this summer as choice seats are available.

    Results of School Board's July 5 Vote

    Most waitlists will continue to move based on the district's consistent practice over the past 10 years. Waitlist moves will occur if there is no staffing disruption (gain or loss) to the sending or receiving school. (This is Option 1 in the recent Board meeting posting).

    The School Board voted to add, for the 2017-18 school year only, these additional moves:

    Siblings will move where physical capacity exists at the receiving school, even if there is a staffing impact and even if they jump over others ahead of them on the waitlist (Presented as Option 3).

    Whitman students who have been assigned to Robert Eagle Staff and applied to remain at Whitman during the school choice process will be allowed to stay at Whitman.

    High school waitlists will move where there is a "one-for-one” swap with a student at another school. These moves will be permitted even if the students are not at the top of the waitlist.

    You can read the background and all three options on the Waitlist Update Briefing Paperpdf icon prepared for the July 5, 2017 School Board meeting.

    The district is committed to resolving the policy issues raised in the recent weeks by recommending changes to School Board policy and procedure during the review of Student Assignment Transition Plan in the fall.