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    Capital Levies Fund Summer Construction Projects
    Posted on 06/21/2018
    Roosevelt High School field and track project from Summer 2017.

    Capital Levies Fund Summer Construction Projects

    When school lets out for summer, work ramps up for projects funded through voter approved capital levies. While school construction and addition projects take multiple years, smaller projects are completed over the summer months to avoid disrupting teaching and learning activities.

    This year, projects are funded by both the Buildings, Athletics and Technology IV (BTA IV) and the Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) capital levies. A small portion of work is being funded with remaining BTA III capital levy dollars.

    Summer Projects

    Improvements are being made to athletic fields and tracks at Cleveland High School, Eckstein Middle School and the Southwest Athletic Complex at Chief Sealth International. Work at Eckstein is funded by BEX IV and Southwest Athletic Complex is funded by both BEX IV and BTA III. The Cleveland project is partially funded by the City of Seattle’s Department of Parks and Recreation as well as BEX IV and BTA IV.

    At Dearborn Park International, Eckstein Middle School, Leschi Elementary School and Lowell Elementary School improvements are being made to increase earthquake safety. The Eckstein project will be done in two phases, with phase 2 taking place during the summer of 2019. At Lowell, all of the exterior doors will be replaced. All earthquake safety work funding is from BEX IV and BTA IV.

    Solar projects are scheduled at Arbor Heights Elementary, Bailey-Gatzert Elementary, Ballard High School, Denny International, Hazel Wolf K-8 at Pinehurst, and South Shore K-8. A number of schools will be receiving portable classrooms to help manage capacity as district enrollment continues to increase.

    Major Projects

    Demolition and site work activities will begin in July for the Wing Luke replacement project. This BEX IV Capital Levy funded project will construct a new building with space for 500 students. Construction begins in the winter and is scheduled to be completed in time for the 2020 school year. Wing Luke Elementary teachers and staff have been packing up for a move to their temporary home at Old Van Asselt.

    Queen Anne Elementary staff and teachers are also packing boxes. They will be moving to a temporary home at John Marshall during construction of the BEX IV-funded addition at their school. The addition will provide nine new classrooms, a gym, a larger multi-use commons and administrative space.

    Work begins this summer at Ingraham as well, where a 45,000 square foot classroom addition with 20 classrooms and a forum common space will be constructed across the front of the school. Construction will also include earthquake safety (seismic) and roof improvements on existing parts of the school. This project is funded by BTA IV.

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    Photo: Roosevelt High School field and track project from Summer 2017.

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