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    Final Staffing Adjustments 2016-17
    Posted on 09/28/2016

    2016-17 School Year Staffing Adjustments Complete

    Staffing adjustments for this year were completed on September 27, 2016, and communicated to school leaders. This school year, Seattle Public Schools will serve 53,000 students.

    As a growing district with limited resources, a disciplined process for allocating staff and making adjustments is required to ensure we are meeting the needs of each school and that resources follow students. We want to thank our families and staff for your feedback and patience as we completed the staffing adjustment process.

    Last year’s community feedback on staffing resulted in process improvements and this year we are pleased to announce fewer disruptions and in many cases increased supports for schools. Stability of schools, classrooms and compliance were all factors in the final staffing allocation decisions.

    School principals will communicate specific school staff adjustments and any potential changes to your child’s schedule. Central office will be working closely with principals to minimize disruptions to student learning.

    We understand that families and staff are affected by any and all changes. We hope this communication helps the SPS community understand this year’s staffing adjustments and the factors taken into consideration.

    Summary of Staffing Adjustments

    General Education

    One of the district’s goals was to reduce educational disruptions for students. In support, we set aside 2 million dollars to address over and under enrollment of students in schools across the district. For the schools that had lower than anticipated enrollment, we are not reducing staffing.

    The district is also adding staff to 17 schools, based on enrollment above projection or to reduce the number of split classes, multi-grade classrooms, within a building. In total, an additional 17.6 teacher FTE have been allocated to schools. In cases where new resources are being used to create a new homeroom class, schools will work with district staff to set a timeline for that process.

    Special Education

    Based on current enrollment, staffing levels have been adjusted and reallocated across several schools. In total, 1.9 teacher FTE and 11.0 instructional assistant (IA) FTE have been added to schools for Special Education.

    English Language Learning

    Based on current enrollment, three schools were allocated additional teaching staff for English Language Learning (ELL). Two schools had their teaching staff budgets reduced. These changes were made to keep the total number of ELL teacher FTE unchanged.