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    Staffing Adjustments 2017-18
    Posted on 09/21/2017

    Annual Adjustments to School Staffing

    Enrollment Down from June Projections

    Several times a year, we project enrollment figures for the coming school year. These figures are important because they help us anticipate state funding and allow us to plan the number of staff for each school building. This is a process all districts statewide follow each fall to match the number of teachers with the actual enrollment levels of schools.

    To stabilize staffing and classrooms as soon as possible, we use the headcount from the fifth day of school as the official enrollment. This year's count was 53,259 students. Overall, we have more students at SPS this year, but fewer enrolled than we projected in June 2017. This means we are starting the year significantly under our projected enrollment.

    We shared the new staffing allocations with principals on Sept. 19, and they are in the process of informing staff and their community. No teacher will lose their position with the district.

    What does this mean for your family and child?

    • For some schools, they may receive an increase in staff to accommodate additional students.
    • For other schools, staff may be moved to another building because their final enrollment was lower than predicted.
    • Your principal will need to adjust the master schedule and class lists to accommodate the final student enrollment.

    Schools receiving additional staffing budgets

    Ballard High School +1.0
    Coe Elementary School +1.0
    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School +1.2
    Emerson Elementary School +1.0
    Gatewood Elementary School +1.0
    Ingraham High School +1.0
    Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School +1.0
    Lawton Elementary School +1.0
    Lowell Elementary School +1.0
    Thurgood Marshall Elementary School +1.0
    West Seattle Elementary School +1.0

    Schools with reduced staffing budgets

    Adams Elementary School -1.0
    Jane Addams Middle School -1.0
    Cleveland High School -1.0
    Decatur Elementary School -1.0
    Dunlap Elementary School -0.5
    Eckstein Middle School -1.2
    Garfield High School -1.0
    Nathan Hale High School -1.0
    Laurelhurst Elementary School -1.0
    Leschi Elementary School -1.0
    Madison Middle School -1.0
    Olympic View Elementary School -1.0
    Pathfinder K-8 School -1.0
    Queen Anne Elementary School -1.0
    Rainier View Elementary School -1.0
    Roxhill Elementary School -1.0
    Van Asselt Elementary School -1.0
    West Woodland Elementary School -1.0

    Staff applied a race and equity lens to allocate $4 million in funds to schools that will be the most negatively impacted. While the need was greater than our available resources, we are able to stabilize staffing and minimize greater disruptions for some schools. Even so, we know the changes will affect our teachers, students and families. We thank you for your patience and understanding in this process. If you have additional questions, please email

    Unfortunately, adequate state funding for K-12 remains a challenge. This year’s district budget reflects a $40 million shortfall, which has limited the district’s ability to more fully mitigate enrollment changes.

    We are evaluating multiple factors to understand why our projections were so much higher in June than actual September enrollment. One trend worth noting is that enrollment grew in districts neighboring Seattle and the cost of housing in Seattle continues to grow. This could be an indicator that more SPS families are beginning to move to a more affordable housing market.

    If you want to learn more about enrollment projections and staffing, please visit our Staffing Adjustments FAQ webpage.