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    School Board Resolution Affirms Students Regardless of Race, Religion, National Origin, and Immigration Status
    Posted on 02/16/2017
    Image of school board voting on resolution

    School Board Resolution Affirms Students 

    In a 7-0 vote, The Seattle School Board unanimously passed a resolution affirming their commitment to providing safe, welcoming, and inclusive schools for all students without regard to race, religion, national origin, or immigration status, Wednesday.

    The move is in response to heightened anxiety from many students and families in the district born out of the current national political climate. Those students and families tell the district they feel particularly anxious given the current national rhetoric about immigration. 

    Superintendent Larry Nyland recently updated Superintendent Procedure No. 4310SP, Relations with Law Enforcement, Child Protective Agencies, and the County Health Department, to reaffirm the district’s practice of not asking about the immigration status of its students or families. The procedure says any requests for information from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must be routed through the district’s Office of General Counsel for proper review and vetting. Federal agents will only be allowed access to records or schools as specifically required by law and upon the written consent of the General Counsel or Superintendent. In the last couple of months, district staff have also held informational sessions and clinics to provide support for students and families from immigrant communities.

    Seattle Public Schools students come from 147 different countries and speak 143 languages and dialects at home. Recent SPS research has shown that a positive social and emotional climate at school correlates with academic growth for students – especially students from historically underserved communities. The School Board’s resolution seeks to foster positive, safe, welcoming and inclusive school climates across the district. 

    Here is the signed Board Resolution.